Monday, September 12, 2016

First Week of September

For some reason last week was a tough one. Not entirely sure why. Tim's schedule has actually been pretty good with most weekends off and not crazy long hours...yet I was just off my groove and kind of struggled last week. I think we are ultimately just still adjusting to our new schedule/life with a kindergartener and not going out and adventuring quite as much with Henry's nap schedule. And Millie and Henry decided it would be fun to wake up more during the night making for a tired mommy. But anyway...despite the harder week we got through it and still squeezed in some fun!

Wednesday we had to run something to Tim at the hospital and thus met him for lunch! Poor Millie fell asleep on the way there even though she was ecstatic when I told her we were going down to "the big hospital" to see Daddy! She even transferred into the stroller and stay asleep for awhile. Fortunately though she woke up just in time to take a few pictures with me before we got to meet up with Tim!

Henry is on the move! He's not crawling yet but he gets up on his hands and knees bounces...he'll will be crawling soon though I think. But with scooting and rolling he can move a pretty far distance!

Thursday we headed to the Sea Life Aquarium in Tempe with some friends for some after school fun! It's a pretty small little aquarium but we still saw a lot and the girls loved it. Not to mention they had discount tickets (the huge new beautiful  aquarium just opened up so this little aquarium is trying to complete I think).

We saw a lot of fun fish, rays, a few sharks, lots of Nemos and Dorys! And even the Octonauts!

Friday we headed to the Children's Museum with Millie's best friend Bri, her mom and sister! We especially loved playing in the "Under 3 area" that we hadn't been able to play in for quite some time since Kate wasn't with us. It was so fun to play there but it kind of broke my heart too that Kate wasn't there with us. Thank goodness we had fun friends with us!

Then on Saturday...I had been dreading Saturday. Tim had to work from 6am-8pm and just given the harder week I had had I wasn't particularly looking forward to it. And I had agreed to watch a friends two kids (I knew Tim had to work Saturday but figured he would be off sometime in the afternoon...oops). Anyway, I'm pleased to report we had an AWESOME day! Really (well except the fact that BYU football enjoys taking years off my life)!

Poor boy...surrounded by princesses...although he doesn't seem to mind!

I woke up with a better attitude and decided we would just take it really easy and enjoy playing together. It was so fun and just what we needed. Then after Henry's nap we headed to Toy R Us to check out these new to us toys (Gift Ems) that Kate found out about on YouTube! Kate really wanted to see them and we found out that ToysRUs carried them and since Millie's birthday is coming up and I needed some ideas we went. I'm not sure how this happened but it was the girls first trip to ToysRUs!!! I guess Kate actually had been in Utah with my mom but she was a baby. The girls were in heaven! We went up and down almost every aisle finding so many treasures. The girls are used to my method of taking pictures of anything they want to avoid the pleas and whines of wanting to buy this and than. They loved holding up dress ups and finding toys from their favorite shows and were really well behaved. It was a lot of fun! The girls both ended up getting to pick out a small little toy because I just couldn't help myself. Babysitting went really smooth and by the time Tim returned home at 9:30pm I wasn't spent and worn out like I thought I would have been. It was a good day! I was very thankful for it. 


  1. Sorry you had a tough week, Hay. I only wish I could help you, that we all were closer to each other so we could help more. You are an amazing mommy! You do the most fun activities with Kate, Millie, and Henry! They are such lucky kids. Do they know how lucky they are? Do you know how lucky you are? Hope you can get more sleep at night. Everything is better when you are rested. I am always thinking about you all! I love you too!

  2. These pictures of the Kiddos, you, and Tim are adorable!~ I love reading your blog and knowing what you are doing and where you are going!