Sunday, September 25, 2016

3rd Week of September


Kate's picture of our camping trip
We had a pretty typical week. Not too much exciting stuff going on. But we did make it to the zoo twice to check out the new Lego Exhibit that just opened and started thinking about getting ready for our Colorado trip and preparing for Millie's birthday that would be here right when we got back.

Wednesday Henry, Millie and I headed to the zoo with a group of friends. Millie and I both felt bad going with out Kate so we quickly made plans to go as a family on Saturday! The Lego sculptures are pretty impressive. Each sign tells you how many legos are in each one and how many hours it took to build. One Saturday the girls especially got excited trying to find them!

Henry's first time in the round about! He loves it in small doses! He's feet don't touch the ground yet...but it won't be long before he's crusin' around!

Our next door neighbor recently got this bench and put it in front of their house. The girls love it and I loved capturing this pic of Kate and her buddy Hudson after car pool pick up one day!

We love our next door neighbors. They have a daughter that it Kate's age that the girls just adore. We had a few play dates this week!

And I just loved these two pictures I randomly took this week. Millie has always loved beans, especially refried beans. She usually likes to dip tortilla chips into them or often just takes a spoon straight to them but she recently discovered she actually likes to wrap them up in what she calls "a taco." I think it's her new favorite meal!

And then a proud Kate showing off her violin. Violin has been up and down. Kate loves it but wants to be able to play immediately. If you know anything about teaching violin to a little person you know it's a slow process with a lot of learning how to hold it correctly. We started practicing in the morning before school and I'm happy to report that it's going so much better now!

Well that's about it...I know kind of a boring week. Stay tuned for lots of fun from Colorado!

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  1. I love seeing and reading about what cute Henry, Millie, and Kate are doing. You are always going fun places and doing creative things together, Hay. Henry looks so grown up in the round about, love his darling smile. Love each one of you so much!