Sunday, August 7, 2016

Utah- August Trip 2016

We had a fabulous time in Utah! We tried to keep it simple and relaxed and didn't plan much! Kate really wanted to go to the aquarium, Millie wanted to jump on the trampoline and we were excited for Tim's family reunion (see next post)! And it worked out that one of my dear friends from junior high/high school and roommate at BYU was in town from Oregon and hosted a little gathering so I was able to see a bunch of my old friends. The timing was perfect.

I just adore watching my girls play with their grandparents and cousins! It is truly something special! We soaked up as much time as we could! Here are a bunch of pics of the week:

Dinner with some of the Sokol cousins
Millie in heaven getting to pet my brother's cats!

The girls favorite part of the aquarium I think. They could have climbed on that turtle for an hour.

A visit up my favorite Millcreek many memories up there!

Yum S'mores!


Up the canyon with my brother Bob and his family (of 4 boys) + Grandma and Grandpa
Millie loves making silly faces!
Bean Museum at BYU with the Bahr cousins with a stop at J. Dawgs afterwards!

I've been wanting to see Finding Dory forever...Kate doesn't like movie theaters so I figured I just take Millie but we hadn't found a time to go down in Phoenix so we went one afternoon with Grandma. And as it turned out the closest theatre with the time that worked best for us was the one recliners, it was so nice!
Millie LOVES Nemo...I let her take her Nemo and Dory stuffed animals

Love love these pictures

Bedtime in my childhood canopy bed
Hen with cousins Bronson

Helping Grandma water 
One night we let Kate stay up late...we played Disney Trivia. Kate and Grandpa were a team and TOTALLY won! 
Last picture before we headed down to Utah Co. to be with Tim's family. Good byes are always hard :(

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