Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Texas Bahr's Visit Phoenix

Like I mentioned Tim's oldest brother, Tyler, and his family live in Texas. A little bit last minute or at least later notice they were able to get time off and head to Utah for a visit. It was sad they missed the reunion by just a couple days. Darn it.

Anyway...they drove through Sunday night and spent Monday with us here in Phoenix! It was so fun to have them here! It had been a long time since we'd seen them and we hadn't met their newest baby Addy who was born last November and they got to meet Henry! Their visit was brief but we loved having them there! We enjoyed playing in the pool and visiting the American Girl Doll Store with them! We squeezed 13 humans and 2 dogs into our house! It was a party!

It was especially fun to go to the AG Doll Store with Kaylee! 

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