Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Henry- 5 months

This picture sums up Henry so perfectly right happy, on his tummy, drool running down and bright eye! Henry turned 5 months old last week!

Here's the update:
  • We finally moved Henry into his crib in his own room- Monday August 15th! About time huh?! We moved the girls into the crib at 3 months but this time around Millie was still napping in the crib everyday and I wanted her to keep napping. So we kept Henry in his bassinet in our room. But since Kate is now away at school all day I figured Millie could now nap/have quiet time in her (and Kate's) room. It is so fun to have Henry in his room. It's been all set up and ready for him since before he was born but was just missing him! But unfortunately Millie has yet to take a nap (except she's so tired she always falls asleep when I go pick up Kate, ahh!). Hopefully the novelty of quiet time will wear off and she'll fall asleep occasionally. 
  • Henry is starting to go to bed earlier. He was at an 8pm bedtime and up around 7-7:30am for the last several months. But he's inching his way up to an earlier bedtime which will be nice that I won't have to juggle feeding him and trying to get the girls to bed by myself. He's still wakes up at 5am to eat most of the time. He goes through phases of sleeping all the way through the night but is hanging on to this 5am feeding a little longer the last few weeks. Heck I know I shouldn't complain, he is a great sleeper!
  • In the last few weeks he's turned into a total tummy sleeper (just like me)! And insists on it!
  • And has to have his left arm out of his swaddle to sleep.
  • Grabbing everything!
  • Rolling all the time! And has even started scooting a bit on our slippery floors.
  • Drooling all the time! The little tooth still hasn't poked up but probably will any time now...although I've been saying that for several weeks now. 
  • Wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6 months clothes.
  • Favorite book is "Baby Peek-A-Boo."
  • Loves to giggle, loves to be smothered in kisses.
  • Loves his Sophie Giraffe and rattle.
  • Henry's never LOVED his pacifier. He's take it a lot of the time but isn't crazy about it. He loves sucking on his hands but I've recently caught him sucking his thumb a bit. I guess my kids no matter what I do are determined to suck their fingers. Crazy!
  • I love hearing Kate sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game " to him. Which she does often!
  • Whenever Millie walks in to find Henry on his tummy she yells to me to come see "his trick!"
So blessed to have this sweet boy be apart of our family! We love him so much and are so thankful for the joy he brings to our home!

The girls love hanging out with Hen

Here's his room...


  1. What a cute kid!! He is so squishy! I can't wait to meet him someday. That's so funny that all of your kids have preferred their fingers. My sister got Stella to take a binkie while she was visiting and it's been a lifesaver! I have loved all your recent posts even if I haven't commented on all of them!

  2. What a doll-baby! Henry is so adorable and sweet. It's a wonder you can get anything done, Hay--I would want to just snuggle and hold him all day if he'd let me. Henry is growing right up. Maybe he will be a lefty too since he has to have his left arm out of his snuggle to sleep.
    You are blessed to have your three little darlings, Hay--to be their mommy. I'm glad you realize the blessings that are yours and Tim's. They are blessed children for sure. Enjoy everyday and keep doing what you are doing. I love you so much!