Monday, August 29, 2016


Kate is doing really well with school. She loves telling us about her new friends and teaching us what she is learning! And she's already learned so much! But man kindergarten is a BIG adjustment! Not only is Kate adjusting to having to be on task 6-1/2 hours a day now but she has a homework packet, readings, and flashcards so thus we have been getting used to a new routine in the morning and after school. And poor girl is unsure about this going every day week after week! It's a big change and rocks your world!

And then poor Millie and Henry! Millie misses Kate so much! Millie has lost her playmate and she insists that we can't go places without Kate. And since we've now put Henry in his rightful crib Millie thinks she doesn't need a nap (so she does quite time) and thus is often found falling asleep in a random spot or most often in the car on the way to go pick up Kate in the afternoon. Picking Kate up at 3:10pm has proven to be quite the challenge. I've been trying to figure out Henry's afternoon nap so I do not have to keep waking him up to go pick Kate up but then he's so tired by early bottom line is we are just still figuring things out. I am hoping to start car pooling with a friend for pick up which would really help! And Henry has become less mobile and needs to be home for his naps which is tricky if we want to squeeze in some fun adventure in the morning. Oh man!

We may already be three weeks in but I guess we just need a bit more time before this new normal is comfortable and routine!

Kate was so excited to go squeeze in a playdate with her friend Lola after school one day (It's tricky finding the time to play with friends now that school is in)!
We didn't complete it but we sure had fun!

We spent a lot of time watching the Olympics (and me staying up way too late to watch it all)! But heck it doesn't happen that often, right?! Totally worth it. Kate and Millie especially loved the gymnastics and made this, complete with bars, vault, balance beam, and medals podium.

Millie cheering Kate on during Kate's routine.
Kate made a gold and silver medal aka a colored circle taped onto their shirts...I really should have gone out and bought those cute cheap little medal time I guess!

Gold and silver medalists
Kate working on her homework
Millie waving goodbye to big sis
Kate's school has 5 "Specials" meaning 5 special classes (Art, Media/Computers, Spanish, Music and PE). Kate gets so excited for them and she drew this picture before her first day of art. Unfortunately they did not paint that first day...she was disappointed.
Look at this happy guy!

Saturday fun at a new park.
This park had the coolest zip line. Kate finally got enough courage to enjoy it too. Tim and I loved going on it too!
More evidence of a sleepy Millie
After I called my childhood friend Ashley (who lives in Utah) for her birthday she surprised us by sending pizza to our house for dinner! It was so nice to catch up with her...With Kate going back to school, Millie having lots of potty accidents and just the craziness of life I guess I sounded a bit overwhelmed. Ashley thought I could use a little break. Her thoughtful gesture brought me to tears.
Kate made this letter for Henry at church. Notice her holding Henry :)
Kate wearing her cool school spirit shirt!
Talking to Hen-Hen
Fun at Tot Town...Millie wishes she could go to school too!

Poor girl

We were SO thrilled that our dear friend Dave from our Iowa days had to come to Phoenix for some kind of board review class. The Shaha's were some of our best friends from Iowa. We loved having Dave over but just wished Wendy and the kids could have come too (but darn it they had to stay back in Maryland)!

I watched a friends kids during the day one day for a few hours...Millie was in heaven having a older sister like figure at home to play with!
Friday night we went to the Back to School Bash at Kate's school. Kate and Millie loved the free snowcones!

Cleaning the church on Saturday morning!


  1. Blast it all! Stinking kindergarten. I always wondered why it was such a big deal.... Now I understand! Waking kids up from naps is the absolute worst!! I hate it. I hope you all get into a routine soon. It definitely is an overwhelming time for you. I always thought that parenting would get easier as your kids get older but it only gets more complicated. I miss those simple days! Love the pictures of you guys with Dave. I'm so glad you made the effort to get together. Makes my heart happy!

  2. Love that you got to see Dave. And what a sweet thing for your friend to do, I need to be more creative and thoughtful like that. I know you're still adjusting but it seems like you are sure handling it all well. We are on day one of preschool and I feel like I could use some of your more positive attitude. I'm feeling pretty down and out about the whole thing. Miss you guys!

  3. Up and downs are normal. Your pictures are sure cute, and the kiddos look adorable and happy. You are handling all these new things that are happening in your lives, better than you think--dear Hay. Take it a day at a time and hang in there. I sure love you! Everything will be OK.