Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Third Week of July

We started the week of with bang and got to reconnect with some of our Iowa friends, the Duncan's, that just moved to Mesa this past week. It was SO fun see them again and our girls, especially Grace and Kate, immediately hit it off. Kate hasn't stopped asking when Grace can come over and play. Too bad they live 55 minutes away.

 Monday we headed over to a splash pad to enjoy some water and also connect with some of the other doctor wives in Phoenix! It was fun to meet new people and make some new friends.

Henry all of a sudden is grabbing his feet. It's the cutest thing. I love his "happy baby" pose! Here he is (pictured below) at his 4 month well child check. This boy is short and stout...but also SO cute! Check out those rolls!

We celebrated the end of Tim's crumby night shifts and not getting to see Dad by going to Chick-fil-a for dinner. Turns out it was their family night and we got to see the cow. Kate was super excited. Millie only wanted to wave from a distance.

 We saw this car while out running errands one day... Kate was obviously really excited! And not only was it a "Kate" license plate but it was on a yellow car. Yellow is Kate's current favorite color!

We braved the heat and headed to the zoo early one day. We had so much fun and the kids played at the splash pad for hours. And we still got to see some animals.

 While I was cooking dinner I turned around to see this... I love watching the girls play and talk to Henry! Siblings are the best! And also this week... I feel like Kate and Millie have played SO well together! I LOVE IT!!! It is so amazing to see your kids play well together, have fun together and be kind towards each other. The girls have been playing a lot of princesses with their little castles they earned with potty training (Millie) and not twirling hair (Kate). I loved walking in on them happily playing. They have the best conversations and some pretty awesome voices they make for each princess figure.

We also had dentists appointments this week. Kate was literally ecstatic to be going to the dentist. Silly girl! She loved it and hopped into that chair! Millie on the other hand was terrified and clamped down on the dentist finger more than once! Yikes!

We got to check out the new line of American Girl dolls last week while Grandma B was in town. But when we heard that Lola, Kate's buddy, had never been to the AG Doll Store we planned an outing. Kate has her eyes set on Camille, the new blonde, Well Wisher. These dolls are a few inches shorter than the standard AG dolls. They are catered from ages 5-8 and have a plastic body too. And they are $60 compared to the what $115-125 that the other dolls are. I initially wasn't so sure about them but seeing them again I have to say they have some darling outfits and accessories and Kate is crazy about them.

After checking out the dolls we headed over to the fountains at Scottsdale Quarter. The girls had a lot of fun splashing around but the heat eventually got to us and we had to leave. Poor me and Henry having to nurse in the heat. Sometimes it's rough having a baby in this heat. 

Friday Tim and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! We kept things low key but we were able to get a babysitter and go out to dinner which was a real treat. Although I had to laugh as I drove down to meet Tim at the restaurant...He was supposed to have gotten off in plenty of time to make it home so we could go together but then residency life... I'm just glad it worked out that Tim had the night off. Tim got me these gorgeous roses. Unfortunately the one picture we took of us at dinner must be on Tim's phone.

I love love this picture Kate drew while the babysitter was over. It's the Eiffel Tower! How cute is that?!

Then Saturday we got to attend our friend Avery's 3rd birthday party! Avery isn't your typically princess loving gal. She adores super heroes and dragons. Kate wasn't totally sure about how this theme was going to work out but they the end of the party she was saying things like "Captain America is my favorite super hero" and "Next Halloween can we do super heroes?" It was an awesome party. The girls loved throwing water balloons and having a water gun fight. And they loved the silly masks they got to wear!


  1. So fun that you got to see the duncans! Henry is such a cutie. But I really feel for both of you nursing in that heat. Boo! All your visits to the American girl store really makes me want to take Tatum to one! My mom has a couple of old dolls and she loves loves loves to play with them.

  2. Looks like a fun, busy summer for all of you. Thanks for showing us what you have been doing; love the pictures of Kate, Millie, and Henry. They are such sweeties! We are so happy you will be here this weekend! Love, love you so much.