Monday, July 11, 2016

Sokol Family Pictures 2016

While we were in Utah we took Sokol family pictures! Kate was 3 weeks old last time we took extended family pictures. The kids have obviously all grown up a lot and we were actually missing 5 it was about time! We headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon and took these pictures by Solitude! I love how they turned out! 

I have an amazing family that is for sure! It is always so fun to go "home" and spend time together! It's never enough time but I am always thankful for the time we do have and just feel incredibly blessed to have such a incredible family! 

My parents with their 13 grandchildren
The original 6... although like my brothers like to point out I'm the only one that's not a "Sokol" now 

 Poor Millie wanted to be on my lap the whole shoot. By the time we got to taking individual shots and even individual families she wouldn't have it. So I don't have a cute shot of just her! Too bad but oh well!

My brother Steve and his family
My brother Bob and his family
My brother Jeff and his family


  1. I love that black and white picture of you and Tim! So sweet!

  2. I love these! That one of Henry balling is a classic. I'm sad you didn't get one of just Millie! But such is life with a 2-year-old, huh? We are supposed to do family pictures in a couple weeks and I'm already stressed about how Peter's going to react. Cooperate or not cooperate? Most likely not, but we'll see. You have a beautiful family, Hayley!