Monday, July 18, 2016

Second Week of July

We had a really great week...first off Millie continues to do well with potty training and Grandma B came to visit!!! We've had so much fun showing her some of our favorite activities and I was thankful to have some extra hands as Tim's schedule continues to be long and late.

I love this picture I snapped of Henry with one of my Primary kids. Henry is a popular guy and everyone wants a chance to hold him. Well at least all the girls want to hold him. As he got passed around this cute big boy asked if he could have a chance too. I just can't get over how cute this is.

Kate had her first violin lesson on Monday July 11th. She's got an awesome Suzuki teacher and we are just all so excited about this. 

Playing at the library and then come Cow Appreciation Day fun and free food at Chick-fil-A! Tim was working a funny schedule that day and so he was able to come along. It was fun to have him join in the fun. 

I snagged this darling picture as I was attempting to take Henry's 4 month pictures. The girls wanted in on the action and I loved the result. Seeing my 3 babies all in a row makes my heart so happy. 

Tim's mom was scheduled to come to town Tuesday night. The girls couldn't wait! Unfortunately her flight was delayed and we were all bummed. To kill some time after an early dinner we headed to Costco to pick up a picture I had had printed and decided an ice cream was in order. 

The girls woke up Wednesday so happy to see Grandma B! Millie had been talking all week about wanting to take Grandma to Tot Town so that is just what we did. 

We enjoyed a lot of swimming and reading stories while Grandma B was here. We also even took her over to the American Girl Doll Store and we got to see the new line of dolls, the WellieWishers! They are super cute and Kate cannot stop talking about them now. 

Millie transferred into a toddler bed and started sharing a room with Kate before Henry was born. keep her taking naps I have put Millie in the crib for naps. Which has worked awesome. She is still napping every day. I figured Henry would be in the bassinet for the first 3 months like my girls had been. But then when Henry turned 3 months I still wasn't really ready to give Henry the crib so he's staying in the bassinet in our room. But poor guy...I snapped this pic this week...he's about to be too long!

More swimming with Grandma B!

Tim even got to come along one morning but didn't last long before him and Henry fell asleep! We were so happy Grandma B could come visit and so sad to see her go! Fortunately though Tim was transitioning from an 11am-11pm shift to a night shift on Saturday so we were able to enjoy some much needed Daddy time and even got to go to a BBQ pool party with some new residency friends.

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