Sunday, July 3, 2016

Our Week in Utah- June 2016

We had a fabulous week in Utah! Tim got 7 days off...with a 12 hour drive on both ends that cuts our visit to 5 days...which is just not long enough! But we sure loved visiting and had so much fun!

For awhile now Kate has really be interested in learning more about her great-great Grandmother Kate, who she was named after. Kate Farnes was my grandma Bernice's mother. Since I was about 12 years old I always said I was going to name my daughter Kate...good thing time complied!

Kate distinctly remembers going to visit my Sokol grandparents graves when we lived in Iowa. So of all the things to do in Utah...the #1 thing she wanted to do was go visit Great Great Grandma Kate's grave. So we did on Sunday morning before Henry's blessing! I love these pictures and Kate's sweet connection and desire to go visit.

Sunday was a really special day- It was Henry's Blessing Day (separate post coming soon)! It was so wonderful to be surrounded by our dear families and celebrate our sweet baby boy! Monday we headed back down to Orem to spend the day in the Bahr clan. The girls loved going to a trampoline place with their cousins Paisley and Cruz! It is always so fun to watch the girls play with their cousins! It was especially fun to see these cute cousins pair off...the big girls (5 years old!!!) and then Millie was totally attached to Cruz!

Have I mentioned how many pictures I have where Tim is with the kids...sleeping?! It's especially funny because a family friend of ours told me before Tim started medical school that they had few pictures of the dad with his kids were he wasn't sleeping. Oh man!
Bahr cousins lovin' on Henry
It just so happened that my dear friend Anne, who lives in Philly, was also in town at the same time! I was so happy to get to see her!
Trampoline/sprinkler fun

Tuesday night we took Sokol family pictures up Big Cottonwood Canyon! It was about time...Kate was 3 weeks old in the last one we took and we've added 5 grandkids since then! Here's a few pictures I snapped while we were waiting around. I can't wait to see how they all turned out!

Wednesday, our last day, we headed back up the canyon to go to Silver Lake! Oh how I love Utah and adore those mountains! It is so beautiful up there! 

Kate informed me her favorite flowers are dandelions! What a sweet girl!

While we were up there we had to stop by Brighton's Milly Express lift! I have so many fond memories of skiing up at Brighton and wanted to get a shot of my Millie on Milly!

Henry discovered himself this week in the mirror! So fun!
The girls (and Tim) love Grandma's Disney Dance Dance Wii game

The other thing Kate really wanted to do this trip was pick roses! Not sure where this idea came from but it was one of the first things she put on our summer bucket list. Looking around Phoenix I figured our chances of finding some roses to pick here was going to be pretty slim so I suggested we find some while in Utah. My parents didn't have any in their yard yet so my mom talked to her sweet friend Marion who did so we went over Wednesday night and picked ourselves some roses! Both girls were in heaven! We even transported our cut flowers down to Phoenix with us!

Finally jumping fun on the trampoline. And this time Grandpa joined in!

We had a pretty smooth drive home! I am just continually thankful that the girls travel so well. It's interesting to hear people comment how it's so great and/or we are brave to make the drive in one day... I guess I've taken for granted how awesome they travel. In my mind since we have always lived away from family they just have to. And they do so awesomely. And heck...driving Phoenix to Utah is nothing compared to driving from Iowa to Utah! Our drive home did take 12-1/2 hours (and hour longer than our drive up...but we left from Salt Lake rather than going to Orem and Henry needed to stop 4 times to eat this go around). But it was still great and with the hour time change in our favor on the way back it turned out just fine!

Then as Tim hurried off to the hospital to start his first day as a PGY-2, second year resident, we headed to the music store! It was a pretty big day for our family...a big day for Kate...we picked up her violin! Kate will have her first official lesson on July 11th! This girl cannot wait! She's been begging and begging to go pick it up. It took some work to find a place that could get a 1/10 size violin to rent but we finally found one and promised Kate we would go pick it up when we got back from Utah so that's just what we did. More on violin lessons to come too! 

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  1. We loved being with you! So grateful you are coming back in August. What a busy summer you are having. We're excited for Kate to start violin lessons. She looks so cute with her special violin! We love and miss you so much!