Sunday, July 3, 2016

Henry's Blessing Day- June 26, 2016

We were so excited to bless Henry while we were in Utah! We've actually blessed all of our kids in just makes so much sense with all of our family there! It felt so wonderful to be surrounded by our families! My dad, 3 brothers and my Uncle Steve as well as Tim's dad, his brother Nick and our brother-in-law Adam were able to participate (Tim's oldest brother Ty lives in Texas and was not able to come). Tim parents had just gotten home from their mission a few days before just in time to be there. Tim gave Henry a beautiful blessing and we had a yummy luncheon at my parents afterwards to celebrate! 

Henry wore Tim's blessing outfit! Turns out all the Bahr boys wore it actually. It was very sweet and special to have Henry wear it!


With Tim's parents
With my parents
Sokol side! Including my Aunt Lilly, Aunt Carol and my cousins Andrea, Jacob, and Mary
Bahr side!
Here's a bunch more pictures of Henry in his blessing outfit! So cute!

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  1. It was a quick trip but we're so glad you came. You certainly know how to pack in lots of fun, no matter how little time you have. Mission accomplished getting sweet little Henry blessed. He is so precious, happy, smiley, and sweet. Sure love all of you!