Sunday, July 10, 2016

First Week of July

It was fun to start the week with the 4th of July holiday! We had a great time celebrating our freedom and liberty and loved being with our friends the Wrights! The rest of the week was pretty uneventful other than the fact that we were stuck at home pretty much potty training. That's right potty training Millie! She totally potty trained back in February but when Henry made his debut she was a case of textbook regression with the arrival of a new sibling. I tried to hold out but with a newborn and adjusting to 3 kids I just couldn't deal with accident after accident and caved and put her back in diapers. I just wanted to give her a little more time and thought it would probably be pretty easy when we tried again. And thus our week began...and she did awesome! Day 1 was really successful. Day 2 a lot of accidents and then day 3 not a single accident! Boo-yeah! So I'm happy to report she's potty trained! I mean I know she'll still need a lot of help and she won't be perfect (and she's still working on bowel movements) but we are well on our way. And this time I'm not going to cave in.  Anyway...that was probably way more information that you cared to read. are the pictures. I ate way too much of the leftover homemade vanilla berry ice cream I made for the 4th of July. But boy was it delicious! The rest of our week consisted of a lot of lemonade, popsicles and table activities that would keep Millie close.

Dress ups
Fun playing in the kinetic sand

We also made playdough! The girls love stirring, kneading in glitter and picking their own color to make. We played with this playdough A LOT! 
Millie didn't want her picture taken :)

Henry sat in the Bumbo last week for the first time...and this week spent a lot more time in it. He loves it and is a trooper to sit in his sisters' purple one! 

Millie was thrilled to earn her "Big Minnie" stuffed animal that she had picked out over a month ago! She hasn't stopped carrying her around!

I love how interactive Henry has become! It's so fun he now plays with toys and  LOVES grabbing toys!
Saturday we headed to the Children's Museum with Tim
Love this picture of our family that Kate drew...Notice me in the blue dress holding Henry. 
7/16/16 Henry's first swim in our pool!!! He tried out our friends pool on 4th of July but he enjoyed his first dip in our pool and it was so much fun! Henry loves his little floating boat and loves to kick his legs and splash his arms in the water! 

The sample lady at Costco told us one day a few weeks back that the Country Time lemonade she was sampling "was perfect for a summer day!" After repeat visits to Costco and me not buying the lemonade Kate finally convinced me and she had it all planned that Saturday "was a perfect summer day" for us to make our first batch and requested we take it to the pool! 

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