Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer Fun

Summer is here and so are the crazy temps here in Phoenix! It was 116 degrees on Saturday...oh my! Fortunately though it's cooled off a bit this week and it's only supposed like 107 degrees!

With Kate being done with preschool and seeing that she will be starting kindergarten in August I thought it would be fun to make a summer bucket list of fun things we want to do this summer! I am already getting sad about the fact that Kate won't be around in the Fall. We are so used to going to the museum or the zoo and having fun each day. It's going to be a big adjustment when she's in school Monday through Friday from 8:45-3:15. Full day kindergarten... I just don't know. People say I'm going to love it but right now it just worries me and makes me miss Kate! Regardless, we are choosing to live it up and have fun! 

Kate came up with many of these ideas on her own and then I read a long list of possible ideas and she and Millie picked out the ones they liked the best. We've already got a really good start on our list, have been swimming a lot and done some other fun things (not on our bucket list)!

Here are some pics of our summer so far:

Tim's cousin, Tisah, lives in Glendale. Their apartment complex has the best zero-depth entry pool complete with a little beach and covered bungalows. We love swimming at their pool!
Spending lots of time at various splash pads

We love our Children's Museum!

Kate and Millie started swim lessons with Miss Holly! Both girls are doing awesome! 
Park play date with Lola on our last 85 degree weather day a few weeks ago
My cute BYU friend Staci and family was in Phoenix for a month while her husband did a rotation at the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale. It was so fun to reconnect with her and my girls loved her boys! We loved having them here and played twice a week while they were here! I wish we would have gotten a picture of all of them together. 
Henry hanging out and being happy

We got to go to the Science Museum with Lola and Iris! It was so fun to go somewhere new! Kate and Millie loved these magnets that danced to the beat/frequency of music. 

Kate also loved making paper airplanes with Miles, Iris' older brother!

Check out this awesome stomach slide
The kids LOVED playing on this heart
Tot Town is back in full swing! And we are SO glad!

They love the bouncy houses!

Worn out from all the fun

More fun at Tisah's pool

Didn't get a picture of us eating them but we sure enjoyed grabbing a free doughnut at Krispy Kreme on National Doughnut Day!


  1. You are always doing something fun, lucky kidos! Thank heavens for water fun in such heat, sorry it's so hot there. Have fun doing all those things on Kate's to do list!~

  2. I kinda felt like this summer was going to be a wash because we moved and I'm going to have a baby but you totally just inspired me to make a summer bucket list. We can still have fun, right?? Thanks Hayley. Love all these posts.

  3. Oh and I'm with you on the Kindergarten thing. I am SO going to miss Oakley. I want to cry thinking about her being gone all day every day. Peter is going to drive me crazy. I want this summer to last forever! So maybe it'll be better than we expect. (I hope!?)