Monday, June 13, 2016

Henry- 3 months

Happy 3 months to our sweet boy! I already pretty much gave you his update last week but here's just a few more things. 
  • Started laughing last week! His sisters are the ones that make him laugh the most!
  • I love hitting the 3 month mark! Don't get me wrong there is nothing sweeter than a newborn and I already miss my little snuggle bug but babies are so alert now and so interactive at this stage. Henry is just so sweet. He's always smiling and curious about what is going on. He's sometimes too busy smiling to want to latch on and eat!
  • He adores his mobile on the swing! And naps best in the swing (not that I'm thrilled about that).
  • Henry is a great sleeper at night! He wakes up once a night typically at between 4 and 5am. So he's almost sleeping through the night. And June 6 to th 7th he slept through the night... from 8pm to 645am!!!! So he's almost there! 
  • He isn't the best napper...we need to work on getting him to nap better at home in his bed rather than in the swing or on the go in his car seat but I'm trying not to stress too much about that. 
  • Still sleeping in the bassinet. I transitioned both girls into the crib at 3 months (also when both girls started sleeping through the night) but we are still using the crib for Millie to nap in in the afternoons so I think we'll keep Henry in the bassinet for a bit longer. He fits totally fine and is still up once so it's good for now.
  • I adore his coos and all the stories he has to tell me! 
  • Wearing 3-6 month clothes
  • Ready to switch into size 2 diapers! 
  • He's just the happiest guy...unless he is hungry and then has the saddest, hardest cry. Breaks my heart every time!
We love you Hen-Hen! Thank you for being such a sweet, good baby! 

These pics are from my first attempt at a photo didn't turn out too great so we tried again the next day with better results!
Millie really wanted in on the photo shoot

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  1. Henry is so cute, love these pictures! Happy 3 months, Henry. Hard to believe you are growing so fast. We're excited for you to come, can hardly wait!