Friday, June 3, 2016

Farewell Friend

So Millie has this friend named Talmage! They are best friends! And if you you talk to Millie for any amount of time she will tell you "Talmage my best friend!" When she starts talking about our family and how she loves each member in it she says, "I love Mom, I love Dad, I love Kate, I love Hen-Hen, I love Talmage!" Talmage and his family were our first new friends we made here in Phoenix! They welcomed us so warmly and we immediately became friends and enjoyed many babysitting swaps with them! Emily, the mom, has been one of my closest friends. Talmage's Dad just graduated from pharmacy school and they are sadly moving to Arkansas! We are all so sad! 

We had Talmage over for one last play date before they packed up! I love watching Millie and him scamper about and talk to each other! They have SO much fun! 

We then drove over to East Mesa on Thursday (they were staying with grandparents before hitting the road to AR) for one last farewell! Good bye Crapos! We love and miss you already! 

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  1. Sorry Millie's favorite friend had to move away. They are so cute together. Hope you can stay in touch with him and his family. Hope Millie will be OK!