Monday, June 6, 2016

Bahr Kids Update

I am definitely not staying consistent with my monthly updates on each kid. Oops! Life is just busy that is for sure! I did though want to write down a few updates so I won't forget.


  • Loves going to swim lessons. She asks me everyday if it's a swim lesson day! She had really excelled and can swim. We are just working on her confidence. We are planning to do two more lessons and Kate is sad...she wants "to do swim lessons forever!"
  • Still always planning a party. Most recently she wants to have a Dolphin Tale Party. She saw the Dolphin Tale movie when we went to San Diego in November. All of a sudden she remembered it and can't stop talking about it. I have requested Dolphin Tale at the library...hopefully it comes in soon.
  • Recently go reinterested in our wedding video. We watched it yesterday and again today. She says she is wants to wear my same dress and veil and wants her bouquet and cake to be just like mine. She said she is going to get married in the Salt Lake temple but then right after that told me she "doesn't want to leave me and Dad." Sweet girl. Thank goodness that's a long long ways away! Millie says she wants to get married too and wear "Let It Go," Kate's Elsa nightgown. To which Kate replied that "It will pop off Millie. It won't fit you when you are big!"
  • Recently has gotten into Alice and Wonderland, Care Bears and Special Agent Oso. 
  • Growing up and into her role as biggest sister. Kate loves taking care of Henry. She is always singing to him and/or grabbing him a toy or blanket. She also always ends up giving Millie the toy they both want and says "Here Millie, I'll let you have it." It is so fun to watch this.
  • And although I just said she's growing up and is so sweet...she does have a really hard time dealing with her emotions when she is frustrated. At home I can handle it but it is sure challenging when we are out and about. At times I just don't know what to do.
  • Kate got a United States puzzle for her birthday from my parents. She adores it! And can recognize most states. She's even starting to learn their nicknames. I'm so proud. I remember how much I loved learning my states and capitals.

  • Both girls are obsessed with the song "Pompeii" by Bastille. Tim really likes it and I guess listening to it a bunch made quite the impact on them. Both girls can often be found singing it. Kate knows almost every word and Millie asks to listen to it every morning as soon as we come downstairs. And they always request to listen to it in the car!

  • Both girls also love playing "Name That Tune." Last week as we played in the car, Kate was humming something that I couldn't recognize. Sure enough Millie could though. 

Rare that Miss Kate takes a nap. She fell asleep twice in the last two weeks. I guess all the sun and fun will do that do a busy girl! 
Although she's in a Cinderella dress I think to think she's my "Sleeping Beauty!"

  • Is so good at saying please and your welcome except she says "ya welcome" it's really cute!
  • When I try to take a picture of her she always says "cheese" and closes her eyes so tight!
  • Insists on singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" 2 times before going to bed as well as "Follow the Prophet." 
  • Millie has grown up a lot. She She loves to talk and is our story teller! She is always getting out of her bed before she falls asleep to "tell us one more thing." We recently had a neighbor who had to have a large tree removed from their backyard. Watching the workers cut it down made quite the impact on her. She is always talking about "the broken tree." That or the fire we recently passes. It must have just happened shortly before we drove by because we could see the large flames and had to pull over 3 times to let the fire engines get through. 
  • She insists on wearing Kate's "Let It Go" nightdown every.single.night and wants to wear it all day long too. I usually end up putting it over her clothes when we are at home just to keep the peace. Millie insists she needs it so "me spin!"
  • She also insists on having her big Olaf, little Olaf, Dory, Nemo, and kitty (and then usually baby Nemo and her broken pillow (a little travel pillow)) to sleep during nap and bedtime. 
  • She is still having a problem pulling Kate's hair and we are still working on not having her bite. Oh man! But Kate and Millie really do get along and play so well together! They just also fight too.
  • Favorite foods: refried beans, black beans, tilapia, pasta, any fruit except bananas, string cheese, and Cheetos. She also recently ate her first peanut butter sandwich and enjoyed it. I'm so excited! She's always liked peanut butter but wouldn't eat a sandwich.


  • This last week Henry has really started eating his fists. I'm trying hard to prevent another finger/thumb sucker and try to give him his pacifier. But I do know that sucking on hands is also just a part of proper development. 
  • He's on the move. He isn't rolling over yet but I've been shocked to find him in a different spot than I left him on the floor a time or two (see picture below)
  • Almost out of 0-3 month clothes. I can't believe it! My girls were always right in the clothes for how old they were or behind. But this guy is growing fast and I had to go through and pull out the next size of clothes for him last night. He fits in some 0-3 month jammies still but his 0-3 month onesies are tight. 
  • His still wearing size 1 diapers but this will be the last box.
  • Still sleeping great. There was been a a few nights where he got up twice but that's not the norm. He eats one last time at 8pm and then usually gets up at 4-4:30 to eat and then sleeps till 7:30-8am. He's a dream! Both girls started sleeping through the night right at 3 months...we will see if Henry follows suit (He'll be 3 months next week). 

I laid Henry in his play gym...a couple minutes later Kate ran over to the kitchen..."Mom, hurry, Henry moved!" I can't believe he was able to kick his feet enough to propel himself that far!
As I was in the bathroom one afternoon Henry was fussing. I came out and walked in on Kate singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" to Henry! She told me he was crying so she was trying to help! And it totally worked. She is such a good big sister! She loves taking care of him and it makes my heart so happy to see her taking care of him!

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  1. Three darling angels, Hay! Love the pictures and the updates.