Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fourth Week of June and Father's Day

Father's Day was really low key this year...we met up with Tim at the hospital on Saturday to celebrate and see him because Sunday he had to work. We left him his little gift and cards on the counter so when he left early Sunday morning he would get them. Henry wore this darling outfit that my Grandma bought for my oldest brother Steve...which means it is almost exactly 40 years old. Whoa!

I love this pic I snapped to send to Tim! We also sent him a little video of the kids wishing Tim a Happy Father's Day! 

Oh yeah and it was crazy hot on Sunday too! Fortunately Tim got home right at story time! The girls were so happy to get to see him on his special day!

Here are a few pictures from the rest of the week...having fun at the play area at the mall, riding the mini carousel, visiting the puppy store, lunch and games at Peter Piper Pizza and swimming with friends...several of which are on our summer bucket list!

Kate calls her dress her dalmatian perfect that we found a puppy to match her dress :)
Henry really started playing with toys this week! It's so fun!

Kate LOVES going to Peter Piper Pizza and it was one of the first things she put on our summer bucket list! Tim had Wednesday off so took the chance to enjoy some "treat pizza" which is Kate's name for the dessert pizza they have there and even played some games. We gave the girls each a dollars worth of tokens. Kate almost immediately realized if she only played games that required 1 token she could play more games...such a smartie! I was so pleased to see how satisfied and happy the girls were with just a few tokens. This was such a fun activity!

Even though we were leaving the next day for Utah we spent half our day swimming with some of our favorite friends, the Wrights! We love the Wrights so much and I love that my girls are the same age as Sydney's oldest two. Millie says "Bri my best friend!" I was sad I didn't get any pictures of us in the pool especially of Kate riding on their Nemo inflatable but I loved seeing the kids all sitting in the kiddie pool right next to the big pool!

Poor exhausted Tim...I have so many pictures like this of Tim sleeping... We were pretty dang excited for Tim's last day as a PGY-1 (first year resident)!

Friday morning at 7am we hit the road for Utah! Our girls are amazing travelers. I am always so happy with how good they do! Henry did awesome too. We only had to stop 3 times! With the time change and all we made it to Tim's parents house in Orem in 11-1/2 hours! I was pretty happy about that seeing that I had to feed my cute 3 month old multiple times during the drive.

Back seat was so nice to have an empty seat next to Kate so we could sit back there when the kids needed more help!

We made it to Utah!! I was so excited to introduce Henry to all of our family! Friday night Paisley was especially excited to meet and hold Henry! It feels so good to be home in Utah! Can't wait for all the fun that's in store!
Concert by the Bahr cousins
Talking to Grandpa 
Saturday picnic lunch in the front yard at my parents house

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Third Week of June

We had a full week of fun outings with friends, 2 visits to the Children's Museum, 2 opportunities for face painting (a real favorite with Kate) and even 2 Diamondback baseball games! Oh and Tim had Wednesday off! Boo-yeah!

I asked Kate to go pick out a dress for church while I was feeding Henry...she came back like this (minus the buckled sandals) she is growing up!
All 3 Bahr ladies got a hair trim...and my cute friend Kellie braided the girls hair too! I really need to learn how to french braid!

Our Children's Museum had it's 8th we had to go to their party which included face painting, balloons, and free Girl Scout cookies!
The girls showing off their paint (Millie got a cat of course, Kate got 2 hearts on her cheeks). The museum painter did a pretty lame job but the girls still loved it! The girls have especially been loving the little flower garden area at the museum this past month. They love picking bouquets for me!

Check out my awesome Craiglist find! I've been wanting a bench for a long time and finally found one! I originally thought the white would have to go but I think it's painting way too well and it actually looks okay with our mix-matched chairs.  The girls LOVE sitting on it and won't sit on a chair anymore! They always want me or Tim to sit in the middle of them :)
It's orientation week for the new incoming residents which means lots of fun events to attend to welcome the new group! We headed to Chase Field Tuesday night to welcome the new interns and enjoy the DBacks vs my Dodgers!  Tim's sister actually got Tim and I tickets to the game Wednesday for Tim's birthday. Tim had the day off and we originally loved the idea of going to a day game thinking we'd take the kids too and could stay for the whole game...but then we found out about the game Tuesday for PCH...we wanted to take the kids since everyone brings their kids.  We decided even though the girls do well at baseball games we didn't think going to two games in a row would be real fun for them. What a bummer  and what are the odds that our 2 opportunities to go to baseball would be two days in a row. Oh well. Tim and I didn't mind...So Wednesday we got a babysitter for the girls and Tim and I (and Henry) enjoyed back-to-back games! 
Kate actually had fun but did not want to take a picture and was sad that I had not brought her jammies (I brought Henry's so I could change him when it was time for him to go to bed).
I grew up a Dodger fan and proudly wore my cap! It was so fun to see them twice this week...I think my dad was jealous and we even got to see Kershaw pitch on Wednesday! 
A family favorite activity...we randomly happened to go to Chick-fil-a one Wednesday in April and found out this lady comes to CFA once a month to paint faces, do story time and perform little magic tricks. The girls TOTALLY LOVE it and we haven't missed a month yet! 

Loving tot-town 
I've avoiding venturing to the zoo (it had been a month since we last went) but because of the heat...but after a friend invited us we just decided to get going early and pack our swim suits. We to the zoo by 8:15am and left by 11. 
With going to the DBacks game Kate was excited to go find the diamondback snake. Kate insisted on making this face for the picture. 
Then Friday night we decided to go back to the museum for members only night! We'd already been this week but we love going on members only night because it's SO NOT busy! 
Father's Day craft in the art studio at the museum
Henry really likes his gym. He just really started actually grabbing the toys at the end of this week! It's so fun to see him growing and learning!
With a day off during the week, the kids actually got to see Tim more :) But poor Tim still had to work all weekend. So we drove down Saturday for a quick visit! Daddy always spoils us with delicious food and yummy treats! For those of you that don't know...PCH is known for it's amazing delicious food! 
Welcome Intern BBQ and pool party Saturday night! I took the kids and Tim was able to meet us there a little later. The attending who hosted had an amazing home! It was the perfect party house! Kate and Millie adored this little shallow pool area that had changing colored lights and a fountain. Kate said multiple times that night that she "wished we had a backyard like this!" And then proceeded to ask me multiple times on Sunday when we could go swim at that pool again!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Second Week of June

So typically I've enjoyed making each blog post about a specific event or update on the kids. But as I uploaded my pictures from this past week there were just too many cute ones I wanted to share! We've been busy having fun and working on our summer bucket list! So I think at least for the summer I just might blog about each week! We started June off with the Home Depot Kids Workshop. The girls love going every month. Unfortunately Tim had to work again...aside from Kate's initial disappointment that Daddy couldn't take them we had a great time making Tim his Father's Day cell phone trophy holder. Henry was such a good boy and shortly after arriving fell asleep to the pounding of the hammers :)

Then here's what our second week of June looked like:
Babysitting swap. Our friends Avery and Gavin came over for a fun night of playing
I finally caved and let Kate discover the joys of my Polly Pocket Cinderella castle. I brought it from my parents house while we still lived in Iowa but just wasn't quite ready to let Kate play with it. It's fragile and the characters are tiny so I was hesitant but decided during quiet time would be the perfect time for Kate to play with it! She adores it and is very careful!
Attempt to make homemade Swig sugar cookies! They turned out pretty awesome! But I still like the real deal a bit better
Handsome Henry all ready for church
Monday adventure to the library. The girls loved the princess and BB-8 cardboard cutouts they had for the summer reading program!

Kate made the sweetest card from Millie! Here's the front with Kate and Amelia in their dresses
Inside it reads, I Heart You. From Kate To Millie
Kate fell asleep while reading stories at 7:13pm on night this week after a busy day full of adventures!
We got to meet "Let It Go and Anna" (according to Millie)
Found Henry's bassinet full when I went to put Henry down for the night! Millie is such a good mommy to put her babies to bed! 
Lots of fun at the Children's Museum

Millie feeding her kitty baby while readying stories before bed
Our friend Lola invited the girls over for a Princess Party Playdate! The girls were so excited to dress up! They made wands, had a tea party, and decorated cupcakes. It was pretty epic!

Kate has really enjoyed reading The Friend lately. She saw the picture/recipe for Dirt Cups in the latest issue and asked me daily when we could make them! 
Tim's been working a lot and I would be lying if I didn't say I was getting a bit exhausted of taking care of the kids alone One night as we were reading stories before bed and taking a few pictures to send to Daddy I was flooded with gratitude and reflected on how truly blessed we are. Sure it's not fun having Tim gone so much but I am thankful for our happy home/happy life, 3 beautiful healthy children, and although it's not easy how blessed I am to be their mom and get to stay home with them!

The girls have usually played really well together...even though they can also fight too. But these last few weeks they have begun playing even better together. I walked in on this hippo picnic complete with food and cake for each hippo as well as refreshments for the girls! I love watching them play and imagine!
A friend invited us over to play in their gorgeous backyard. The girls were in total heaven playing in their little kiddie pool!
Henry also tried the Bumbo for the first time at our friend Brooke's house
One of Kate's best friends, Iris, is moving at the end of the month! Boo-hoo! We are going to miss her so much but are also so excited that her daddy and family are finally done with his fellowship and is completing their medical journey! We'll get there one day too, right?!
Painting rocks of course!
An overcast Friday evening and only 93 degrees out called for a bike ride around the block!
Then Saturday morning we drove down to the hospital to sneak in some needed Daddy time! Kate was so excited to bring Daddy her picture she drew of his hospital complete with the Heart in the Hand Symbol, main building, smaller outpatient building (far left) and parking garage (far right)!
Tim spoiled them rotten with ice cream at 8:30 in the morning! Good thing they had breakfast before!