Monday, May 2, 2016

The Big 3-0!!!

So I'm 30! The Tim McGraw song, "My Next 30 Years" has played continually in my head for the last week or two! I can't quite believe it...but then again I think actually...that's right where I should be! I have three children, I drive a mini-van...I mean it just fits, right?! I have been a little unsure about turing the big 3-0 but then quickly got over those feelings and decided heck, I'm going to embrace it! I have a lot going for me and am SO very thankful for this beautiful little family of mine!

I really love birthdays. I really love MY birthday! I'm pretty sure one of the first things my college roommate, Courtney (that I've been friends with since 1st grade), told Tim was "You should know, Hayley REALLY likes her birthday!" And it's true! Fortunately Tim and my awesome mom know how to shower me with love and make my birthday a big deal. And cute Kate was so excited to celebrate to making me lots of sweet cards, a birthday banner, and the morning of my birthday before I cam downstairs to have breakfast and open presents had wrapped up a little something all by herself with white computer paper that she had stamped with stamper markers and some scotch tape! I'm so lucky!

We actually started the birthday festivities the weekend before my day with an awesome date night dinner out to this sweet highly recommended gastropub style restaurant. The setting was fun, I got to eat lots of fresh guacamole, enjoying some much needed Tim time and Henry was the perfect third wheel sleeping the entire time (which is an amazing feet because he gets crazy hungry and usually cluster feeds around dinner time). Oh and did I mention it was our first date post-Henry! 

Birthday Date Night to Taco was so delicious, can't wait to go back!
My tacos

Tim bought me these beautiful daffodils and tulips that were the perfect thing to wake up to to start my 30th year! We had bagels (my favorite) and strawberries for breakfast before Tim had to run out the door and then we enjoyed a leisurely morning in our pjs and got to Facetime my mom and open all of the presents she and my dad sent! I was flooded with phone calls and texts from my amazing friends and family. The girls, Henry and I went to lunch at Cafe Rio because it just seemed right. My friend Sydney and her kids were originally going to come but things didn't quite work out but I loved just spending time with my kiddos and was pretty proud of myself juggling all 3 of them and our tray of food :) That night we also headed as a family to the new Shake Shack to check out the hype. I've seen all my East coast friends rant about it and was so pleased to find out we recently got them out here in Phoenix. The burgers and fries were delicious and although I'm usually a chocolate person I have to say their vanilla custard was out of this world delicious! I can't wait to go back and try it again!
My Spring flowers
Check out my sweet Birkenstocks I got...I love them!
Enjoying some Shake Shack goodness! First time at glad it's here in PHX!

Then Tim actually originally bought tickets and had me arrange a sitter so we (and Henry) could go to the Diamondbacks vs Rockies baseball game Friday night! We love baseball and actually enjoy taking the girls but I was so excited that this time it would be just us and we were going to get to stay for the whole game (since we usually have to leave early because it just gets too late). Unfortunately though, Tim realized he had made a mistake with his schedule and was scheduled to work till at least 8pm on Friday night. Bummer! And although he tried, he was unable to switch shifts with anyone. Big bummer. Fortunately there will be plenty of baseball games we can catch, but I'll admit I was pretty disappointed. Tim says though he'll make it up to me...we will see. Turns out they even had fireworks that night, oh man!

And then Saturday we invited two of my closest friends and their families over for a birthday party! It was such a fun night! Kate has this best friend from preschool named Lola. Her mom Chelsea and I have become such good friends! It's so fun! And then my friend Sydney, that I randomly met at the park last Fall, and her family came. Sydney and I immediately connected over how our lives were so similar (husband is in his first year of residency, did podiatry school in the midwest, has 3 kids similar ages to mine, and is Primary president in her ward to name a few). At the party, we enjoyed a dinner of Chick-fil-a (because Tim's always wanted to get CFA for a party for me) and other delicious appetizers, the adults got to play a game or two and the 8 kids had fun running around and making a mess of the house! Oh and my friend Sydney made this amazing chocolate cake! It was a really fun way to celebrate. And as previously mentioned I got to go celebrate with my high school friends in St. George a couple weeks ago too!

I am sure thankful for Tim, my girls and Henry, my family, and my friends both close and afar that made my birthday so memorable! Here's to a great next 30 years!

Check out this amazing cake my dear friend Sydney made for me! 
To think I met this best friend randomly at the park this Fall. We automatically just very thankful for her!

And I just had to include this darling pic I captured during birthday week!


  1. Thirty never looked so good, Happy Birthday!

  2. I'm really sad to hear you had to miss the baseball game. :( but so happy you got to celebrate in so many other ways. You truly deserve every wonderful birthday thing ever, Hayley! That cake your friend made is amazing! And how cute of Kate to do so many thoughtful things. You don't look a day over 25. :)