Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Kate's Strawberry Shortcake Party

Kate has always been our planner... especially an amazing party planner! She said back in November that she wanted to have a Strawberry Shortcake Party...for some reason I wasn't so sure not it would stick. I should have known better because yes indeed it certainly stuck. As her birthday got closer Tim tried to convince her otherwise but there was no stopping her. My favorite part is she came up with most of the activities that we did all by herself (I mean a lot came from her party last year but oh well). My favorite though was the "Fruit Taste Test!" Kate had us cover each friend's eyes and give them a piece of fruit. They were then supposed to guess what fruit they were eating. A funny game but I tell you what the kids totally loved it. I think it was the favorite game that we played. 

Here's the awesome invite that Tim made! Kate was over the moon about it. She has hung onto each invitation that she has received from her preschool friends parties that she's been invited to since we moved to Phoenix. If you've ever seen Strawberry Shortcake you may recall that there is only one boy in it, Huckleberry Pie. Because of this Kate wanted to only invite one boy. I however, tried to convince here that Nolan, the token boy she wanted to invite, might like to have another boy come. So we invited another boy friend but last minute his family went out of town so Kate got her wish. Nolan was a good sport...and actually it wasn't that girly of a party aside from the overall theme :) 
The whole party was just so much fun! It can certainly be tricky trying to keep 8 little kids entertained and doing the same activity but we truly had a blast! Kate has some super sweet, super fun friends! 

Oh man, here is the cake! I initially was pretty excited about making the cake...but after finding Kate had very specific ideas about I was worried she'd just be disappointed. Initially I logged onto the computer and showed her some pretty awesome ideas online...but none of them there the "right" one. I couldn't believe it...there was some pretty spectacular cakes that I was willing to try to recreate. But apparently they weren't right. She said she wanted all of Strawberry's friends houses on the cake. So I ordered these cute cake top figures and decided to wing it and came up with this design on my own. I looked up each friends' house and tried my best to pipe them around the bottom layer. Fortunately Kate totally loved it! And I was pretty proud of myself with how it turned out!

Decorations by Kate...that is Huckleberry Pie on the left and Strawberry Shortcake on the right
Coloring Pages
SS Coloring Book party favor
Millie especially loved the Custard the Cat Pin the Cupcake on Custard (SS's cat) that Tim created

Pupcake Bean Bag Toss (Pupcake is SS's dog)  With limited time we decided to scratch it...but Kate was so sad that Tim decided to make one out of a cardboard box. It was a hit. 

The Fruit Taste Test

Make Your Own Fruit Kabob

Check out that smile

The rainbow layers were a hit! Strawberry's house was made out of a pink and purple layer that we didn't cut.

Opening presents. It was so fun to see each child be so eager and excited to give Kate their present. Everyone was so generous! 
Kate's Crew


  1. What a party! Everything looked so cute and fun. Another victory,Hay! Great Strawberry Shortcake fun for everyone. Lucky Kate!

  2. That's an amazing cake! I love the fruit taste test game.