Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Last Day of School

This grown up girl finished preschool today! I can't believe it! She has learned and grown so much these past 10 months. We are sure thankful for her two teachers Miss Whitney and Miss Cerise! Kate was really excited to start preschool but after the initial novelty wore off Kate started seeming a bit anxious and didn't want to go. When I talked to her teachers about it they mentioned how Kate didn't seem to really play with the other kids. I was shocked. Kate had never struggled to make friends. I figured she was just bored and wasn't being challenged enough or something. They told me Kate was more interested in talking to her teachers (that part didn't surprise me). In September we took a family trip and upon returning Kate made a 360 a preschool. She LOVED going and started talking endless about two girls Iris and Lola. And she never looked back since. So although it took a few weeks to get comfortable I am extremely thankful for Kate and her ability to make good friends.  Because of her becoming best friends with her two best buds I also gained some dear friends and particularly one of my best friends, Chelsea, here in Phoenix. I knew that preschool would be a really good thing for Kate and was extremely grateful to find The Growing Place but I didn't realize what real blessings were waiting! It has been so fun to see her excitement, to see her make friends, to pick her up at the end of each day and have her run to me and give me the biggest hug, to have her tell me about her day as we drive home (she especially liked telling me what they had for snack each day), and to see her joy as she created masterpiece of art and describe her drawings.

Happy Last Day of Preschool Miss Kate! You are going to do awesome in kindergarten!

Last minute end-of-year teachers gifts!

Miss Whitney, Kate and Miss Cerise

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