Monday, May 16, 2016

Kate's Birthday Week

Birthdays are a big deal around here! We made big plans to celebrate Kate's birthday with a week full of fun activities each day! Festivities included: Jamba Juice, a visit to Target to use the birthday money Grandpa and Grandma B sent, the Children's Museum and Zoo with friends, ice cream cones at McDonalds, favorite meals and snacks, Chick-fil-a complete with the lady that comes once a month to paint faces, Panda Express for birthday day dinner, PRESENTS, balloons and an epic birthday party!

So excited about the tea/cake set she picked out!
Proud of her chalk drawings at the museum

Kate loves this McDonalds play's huge...and there's a least 5 McDonalds closer but this one is pretty awesome! Plus ice cream cones are always 59 cents so we go too often!

One month we just so happened to be at Chick-fil-a when this lady comes and paints faces and does a storytime/magic tricks for the kids once a month. It worked out perfectly that the second Wednesday of the month when she comes just so happened to be the day before Kate's birthday!

Birthday breakfast...french toast! Kate actually chose to eat breakfast before opening presents!

Tim leaves at 5:30am to get to the hospital and he worked till 9pm the night before Kate's figuring out when Kate could open our presents would be tricky. Fortunately Grandma and Grandpa were very generous so Kate opened their presents that morning and Kate opened our presents when Tim got home from work. 
Zoo Splash pad complete with cupcakes

And cotton candy
We stopped by the hospital so Kate could see Tim and open 1 present from us! Tim didn't have much time clearly evidenced by us driving up to the main entrance so Tim could hop in. We only saw him for a few minutes but it was totally worth it!
Tim ended up getting off a bit early and brought Kate some favorite treats from the hospital!

Kate got a big Frozen bike!
Kate mastered her balance bike so I wasn't so sure I even wanted to let her see the training wheels but since the bike is so much bigger and Kate needs to learn to pedal we figured we'd leave them on for a little bit.
Kate's big request was she wanted a basket on her bike...for some reason the Frozen bike with this doll sleigh was like $40 cheaper than the one with a bag/basket so I got it AND Kate adores it!

Kate loves the noodles from Panda Express.

Kate's sweet friend Iris surprised her the morning of her birthday dropping off balloons and glowsticks!
Our Birthday Week calendar

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  1. This is so sweet! Thank you for sharing all the birthday celebrating you did for Kate's special 5th birthday!