Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Big Birthday Weekend

We had the BEST weekend! Tim's 30th Birthday was on Sunday but we started the celebrations a bit early with a birthday BBQ on Friday night with our friends the Gibbons (it was also Chelsea's birthday)! Tim had to work Saturday but got off in the early afternoon so he could spend some time with the kids before we headed off for Tim's birthday date at the ball park! We had so much fun at the game! We actually ended up car pooling/double dating with some friends, Zack and Robin, from our ward. Our seats weren't together so we spilt for the first few innings.  I fed Henry, we ate dinner, and Tim explained the joys of baseball to Henry! It was Henry's first MLB game! The DBacks played awesome and took an early lead over the Padres. Just after 8pm we got Henry in his jammies, I fed him one more time and just liked I had hoped I laid him in his carseat and he went to sleep for the rest of the game. He is seriously the best baby! We then moved to seats right behind home plate and met up Zack and Robin. It was just a great night! It was so nice to go out, the girls were happy at home with our favorite young woman babysitters, Henry was amazing and there is few things that Tim and I love more than a good ol' baseball game! It was about 100 degrees outside but they keep the roof closed until just before the games starts and then open it up...thus they said it was 75 degrees inside the stadium. And I think that was accurate. With the roof off and windows open it was a perfect night for baseball with my birthday boy (and baby boy)! 

Sunday was Tim's actual birthday! AND he had the day off!!! The girls were so good during sacrament meeting (a real treat), Tim got to take a 3 hour nap and we had a hot dog BBQ that evening with a bunch of his co-interns and had a blast (Although afterwards I did complain how much I miss our old Iowa crew)! I made Tim's his traditional ice cream cake and it was delicious! It was fun to have so many of Tim's classmates over!

Wish I would have gotten a least one good picture of the event...oh well
Just loved this pic from that nigh while Tim was reading stories to the girls...check out Millie headband!
Then Monday we hit up Sodalicious! Tim had to work but he did get off early! I've been meaning to go to Swig each time I've been in SLC but just never made it. I recently found out that there's a similar place called Sodalicious in Mesa and Gilbert so we trekked over to get me a dirty diet coke and some delicious sugar cookies. When I asked Kate if she liked the cookie she gave me a big thumbs up and wink. Cute Millie tried to do the same...check out her sweet attempt! She's adorable.

Kate was so bummed to not get to go take any flowers to the cemetery. We had a couple good discussions leading up to Memorial Day and she distinctly remembers going to visit and put flowers on my Sokol grandparents headstones. On Monday Kate asked if we were going to go take flowers to the graves I had to explain that we didn't have anyone to go visit here in Phoenix to which she replied, "nobody dies in Phoenix?!" I guess I should have still taken her to go honor some veterans but I did promise her we could go when we go up to Utah at the end of June. She was especially excited when I told her we could go visit her great great grandma Kate's grave.

Monday evening we headed over to our dear friends the Wrights for a BBQ and swim party! The kids all had SO much fun! The burgers totally hit the spot and Tim and I just enjoyed visiting with Sydney and Tom! They are such good friends. It was a perfect day to spend Memorial Day and end our fun weekend of celebrate!

Happy happy birthday Tim! The big 3-0! Thank you for being such a supportive husband, involved daddy, and for working so hard for our family! Tim is always there to listen to my worries and although I give him a hard time about how he's always falling asleep when he's finally home he really is the best and I am forever thankful we get to do this thing called life together!

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