Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Vaction Part 2- Road Trip

On Wednesday we hit the road and drove to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon! Tim had never been and this was at the top of our AZ Bucket List! And it did not disappoint! Unfortunately Kate was less than impressed with it all and wasn't too interested in checking out the visitor center much to Tim's dismay. We did watch the movie, I nursed Henry (twice) and we got to see quite a bit! It felt a bit rushed, we only spent 2-1/2 hours there, but we loved getting to explore such a beautiful place!
Kate's packing list...2 nightgowns including her pink kitty one, 2 blankets, 4 Littlest Pet Shop pieces
The Grand Canyon...South Rim

We spent Wednesday night in Page, AZ. And went to go check out Horseshoe Bend on Thursday morning! We had heard it was a pretty short hike with a spectacular views. We started out but quickly realized it was longer than we initially expected (although it was just under 2 miles total) and that Kate wearing flip flops was not going to work with all the red sand. Tim hurried back to the car to retrieve supplies. I wasn't so sure it was going to be worth it but boy was it! Holy smokes this place is breathtaking! And the most amazing thing happened...Kate hiked the whole time and didn't complain once! Even hiking uphill on the way back. It was amazing and I was so proud of her! Henry slept in my wrap the whole time and Millie bonked her head just as we were about to start out so Tim was holding her to console her and she fell asleep just as we reached the edge of the cliff.

The edge is totally unprotected which is awesome but also terrifying at the same time. I was actually kind of thankful that Millie was asleep and Kate asked me a couple times why I was holding her hand so tight :) I am SO glad we took the time to do this! What a gorgeous place! I sure love that red rock!
Looking over the edge at Horseshoe Bend

We then arrived in St. George Thursday afternoon! The girls wanted to head straight to the pool. Our pool here in Phoenix isn't heated and with cool nights it isn't really warm enough to swim in yet. The girls and Tim enjoyed swimming, we had dinner at the condo we rented from VRBO, and then we headed over to Nielsen's Frozen Custard along with everyone else that was in St. George for Spring Break! It was crazy busy but so delicious!
Me and Hen relaxing pool side

Swimming in St. George

Top Row: Chaly Jones, Jeni Neff, Mary Staples, Kerry Fogg, me, Mindy Dunn, Tiffany Oldham
Bottom Row: Annie Wilson, Lindsay Bauman (Not pictured: Liesl Lambert)

Then Friday I was able to meet up with my girls! Like I previously mentioned...some of my high school girl friends planned a girls trip for our 30th birthdays! As they discussed when to go I wondered if/how I could go! It wasn't like I'd be able to leave the girls home with Tim (I was thinking if they did this pre-Henry). I thought maybe I could get my parents to meet me in St. George? But then the whole having a baby would also be an issue. Turns out the weekend they selected would be right when Henry would be a month old. But as it worked out it coincided with Tim's vacation so we decided to make a family road trip up to St. George, stop and see the Grand Canyon and then Tim could watch the girls and I could go to a few dinners/activities with the girls. A girls trip doesn't exactly work when you have a newborn but I couldn't miss out on this so we'd make it work the best we could!

Friday I met up with the girls at 11am and got to spend the entire day until 8pm catching up, chatting, shopping, getting a pedicure, and going out to dinner with some of my dearest friends from high school! A few of them I have been friends with since 1st grade! Then a few more from junior high and high school. These ladies are amazing! Everyone has had trials and heartaches but also so many joys! Our lives have changed dramatically over the last 12 years, but one thing hasn't changed and that is our friendship. It was remarkable and unique how quickly things felt like the good old days except now we all are married, have children, and have a lot more depth to our stories. I am honored to call these ladies my friends! It was certainly a treasured weekend. Although I am bummed I couldn't do it all and wasn't apart of late night conversations I am very thankful that I could come to any of it. With a new baby I didn't know if it would be possible. Henry just went along with it all. And I am forever thankful for Tim who was willing to use some of his vacation time to make this possible for me!

Tim took the girls to the awesome St. George Children's Museum on Friday! It was amazing! And the girls loved it! Tim probably loved it even more. They also went to see the temple and swam some more. Tim was so willing and happy to take the girls and make it possible for me to be with my girlfriend!I was able to meet up with the girls again on Saturday morning for breakfast and then we had to hit the road back to Phoenix so we could get Tim home for his early morning shift at the hospital on Sunday! 

What a fabulous week full of a lot of family time and some great adventures! 

Fun at the children's museum


  1. Mission accomplished! You made it work, Hay and Tim and Kiddos, even with new baby Henry. Glad you got to see the Grand Canyon and your friends in St. George. Looks like you all had lots of fun.

  2. I especially love Kate's packing list!