Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Henry- 1 month

Happy 1 month to our little Henry! I can't believe he's already 1 month old yet at the same time it seems like forever ago we were at the hospital welcoming him to our family! Henry is seriously such a good baby! He is so calm and sweet. And goes with the flow and is an amazing traveler! I guess being a third child you have to do that?! We are so thankful for his easy going nature and his good health! Here are a few highlights:

Weight: 9 lbs 2 oz (28th%ile)
Length: 20-1/2 in (8th%ile)
  • Eats every 2-3 hours during the day! Usually closer to 2 hours...this guy really likes to eat!
  • Cluster feeds in the evening eating every hour...he seems to always need to eat right when we are sitting down to eat dinner, then when I'm trying to put the girls to bed, and again before going to bed. It's really tough trying to get the girls to bed while feeding when Tim isn't home. But I'm getting better at it and fortunately have only had to do it a handful of times by myself.
  • Goes to bed for the night about 8:30-9pm and then typically does a 5 hour sleeping stretch. So he's then usually up at 12-1am, then again around 4-5am, and then up at 7am. So that's only up TWICE a night! He's a champ! 
  • He is still a pretty slow eater. Most feedings take about 40 minutes. He'll get more efficient, right?!
  • Car rides put him to sleep. He is so good about going with the flow and running errands. And sleeps well in his car seat. But he does take a much better, longer nap in the afternoon at home.
  • Henry is an awesome traveler! He did so great on our road trip to St. George this last week. 
  • He likes his pacifier but doesn't love it yet. Perhaps we should try a different brand. But I think more than anything it's just when he wants to eat, he wants to eat!
  • From the beginning his hair was reddish. I feel like it sometimes looks really red and then other times just has a little. But right now it's definitely a light red. I am so curious to see what happens as he gets older. 
  • Favorite food: breast milk
  • Favorite book: whatever his big sisters want to read to him
Sure love you Hen-Hen! 

Millie wanted to read Henry stories while I tried to take a few pics.


  1. What a cutie! Seems like you had Henry more than a month ago in many ways to me too. Grateful he is such an easy going little boy, loves to eat, and is doing so great! These new pictures are adorable!

  2. Love all these posts!! Henry is so squishy and cute! Your comment about trying to feed him while you put the girls to bed made me so anxious for some reason. I have imagined lots of scenarios that might come up with three kids, But I hadn't thought of that one. Yikes! How fortunate that you got to meet up with your HS friends. You guys are so adventurous to travel and do all the fun things you do. You make me feel lazy. I also love all the conference traditions. You know they're good ones when the kids get excited about conference! Keep it up Hayley! You're awesome!!