Friday, April 8, 2016

Conference Weekend

Tim randomly got assigned a week off for vacation this past week. We didn't request it but boy did the timing work out. I seriously don't think we could have planned it that well with Henry's arrival. Tim was in a very busy rotation when Henry was born so this was a much needed break and we were so excited to have him home with us and for him to get to spend some time with Henry.

With a new baby we decided that it would just be nice to stay home and relax. We figured we could get out and do some of our favorite activities as a family. Then as luck would have it some of my high school friends planned a girls weekend trip that I was dying to go to! Once again the timing couldn't have worked out better!  With Tim having the same weekend off we decided to road trip up to St. George, Utah as a family! We could get away and I could spend some time with my girl friends. More on our road trip to come!

Tim's vacation time started the weekend of General Conference! For some reason it was an especially crazy 2 days... Millie had a lot of accidents for some reason and the girls had an especially hard time getting along. We continued our Conference traditions including the Conference Concession Stand! Kate seriously couldn't wait for conference to come. It was almost like Christmas morning for her. She made this sign below about a week before and informed me what treats I needed to get for it. We also enjoyed our conference omelets and the Sokol family tradition of a race around the block (although the girls decided include their bikes this year)!

I am sure thankful for a living prophet and apostles and their wise counsel. I am also very thankful that I can go back and listen to the talks because I'm afraid I didn't hear many of them :)

Check out all that junk
Race around the block

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