Friday, April 22, 2016

A Loooooong Weekend

So in the medical residency least I think least I know with Tim's residency... when you get a Saturday and Sunday off they call it a "golden weekend!" "Golden weeknds" are wonderful! When you have to work both Saturday and Sunday they call it a "black weekend!" Tim's has certainly worked his share of "black weekends" but this last one was extra long. Tim had to work 12 hour days Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  I was not looking forward to this weekend but with plenty of family movie nights, popcorn, many treats and a few adventures we made it! Thank goodness!

Saturday I decided to pack up the kids and drive over to Gilbert to check out the temple over there. We are lucky to live so close to 3 temples. We live the closest to the Phoenix Temple and had made it over to the Mesa temple several times but just hadn't made it over to Gilbert. It's about 45 minutes away. We've talked several times about going over as a good Sunday activity but have hesitated because we figured like our close Phoenix temple when it's not open for operation they probably lock the gates. So I figured Saturday would be a great day for a visit. I knew the gates would be open so we could walk around and enjoy the temple grounds AND we could stop by Waffle Love, a Utah-based liege waffle place. They have a food truck that travels around Phoenix but have a store front over in Gilbert close to the temple.

The Gilbert Temple is gorgeous! I am so glad we made it over there and can't wait to go back and take Tim. The girls love to see the temple! I am so thankful that they already know what a special place it is and that they get so excited when they spot it! The girls loved hopping around by the fountains and Kate got a kick out of seeing the several brides (and grooms) that had recently got married that were outside taking pictures. Our little adventure was a huge success and it helped fill our up our day without dad. And oh yes, my waffle was amazing!

I'm pretty sad...for some strange reason when I last uploaded my phone to my computer for some strange reason some of the photos didn't import correctly and I made the mistake of telling the computer to go ahead and delete the pictures that had been imported...thus losing probably about 50 photos from my phone. I'm super bummed but am thankful they weren't really important pictures like right after Henry's birth or a trip to Disneyland or something like that. So here are a few pics from the Gilbert temple. Fortunately I had texted my mom and Tim a few pictures so I was able to snag those from their texts.

I had to include these pictures I took on Sunday of the girls outside swinging. We decided to keep Henry away from church until he was ~ 6 weeks. I had originally thought we'd go back this past Sunday but I decided I didn't want to do my first Sunday back at church with three children alone. Thus we took it real easy at home on Sunday and the girls got to stay in the pajamas and loved it. Kate actually asked me today when she can do it again! We had a nice Sunday home. I was worried after two previously long days I wasn't sure how it would go... I'm happy to report it went pretty smooth and I even got a nice nap! Life actually is really good! I shouldn't complain. Tim's hours can be really long but we are so fortunate that although Tim doesn't like being away from us that he loves his job! He loves his patients, works with really great people and is happy! And we are happy too! I've had a lot of people ask me how the transition from 2 to 3 kids has gone. We are certainly out numbered now and it isn't easy but for's been easier than the transition from 1 to 2! I won't get into too much but I think I was just more prepared this time. I was already used to having to share my time between children and knew I couldn't feel guilty about how I now couldn't spend as much time with each child. I remember I was so worried about having Kate watch too much tv...this time I have just  let things go a bit more and haven't hesitated to turn on a show for the girls while I've needed to care for Henry or lay down. And although they can sure fight, the girls can also play so well with each other. It is so comforting to know they have each other and I love nothing more than hearing them play together! I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to be the mother to these three sweet children! Being a mom is a tough job... but it's what I've always wanted to be and I feel so blessed to be primarily responsible for the nurturing and care of these 3 amazing kids!

Not related to the weekend but I wanted to share these pics too. On Tuesday we meet up with Kate's two best friends Iris and Lola at the splash pad.'s already hot enough for splash pads and swimming. It got up to 95 degrees today. I didn't get any pics of them enjoying the water (I was feeding Henry at the time) but I did capture a few of them eating snacks. When we arrived I couldn't believe they had the fire place going (this splash pad is actually just a bunch of fountains in the middle of an outdoor shopping mall so they have a bunch of comfy chairs and this fireplace to make it homey) but with the frozen temperature of the water the girls were happy to have a place to go warm up!

Kate and Lola
Iris and Kate
Happy Henry just hanging out

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