Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mom Made It

You would think with already having two babies away from Utah and family that I would be used to trying to guess and figure out when it would be best for my mom to come! In Denver with Kate it was so were cheap and numerous so my mom just hopped on a flight once Kate had arrived. But then with Millie, Iowa City isn't so easy to get to and there aren't that many flights plus it's expensive plus we had Kate to think about too. But we figured it out and had our amazing friends watch Kate while I was in labor. But this time around I was conflicted about when I should have my mom come. I guess since I had two girls to think about this time around I wasn't super comfortable just waiting until I went into labor to have my mom fly out. There are lots of flights between SLC and PHX and they are a decent price but I thought it would just be so nice to have her already here! But then again I wanted her help once Henry many things to consider. Anyway...we decided give my history of both girls being 9 days early that we'd go ahead and have my mom come out a week early! I was actually a little worried that he might come before she got her but I was thrilled when Monday morning, the 7th, arrived and I still hadn't gone into labor.

We picked up Grandma around noon on Monday and went straight to Cafe Rio and then to the American Girl Doll Store per Kate's request! I was so relieved to have her here and thought now Henry can come!

Turns out Henry had other plans and decided he was nice and comfy inside. So us girls had a super fun few days going to the zoo, the children's museum, going out to lunch, and soaking up and enjoying the time we had together!

So my mom's birthday is on the 10th of dad's on the 13th. I felt bad having my mom miss being home and being with my dad on her birthday and thus also taking my mom away from celebrating with my dad for his birthday but they assured me it was okay and that helping me was more important. My parents are the absolute best! I am so thankful for them and was so happy to have my mom here with us! And it was really fun to get to be with her on her birthday! We kept things low key but the girls loved putting pink sprinkles on Grandma's cake!

At the zoo

Happy birthday to my sweet Mom!


  1. The struggle is real! I'm going through the same quandary right now trying to figure out when my mom should come out. It's frustrating to not be able to plan around these little babies with their own agenda! You guessed perfectly though! Your mom got some quality time with the girls and was also there to meet little Henry. I didn't realize your dad's birthday was on the 13th. You have a lot of celebrating to do in March now! Your mom is awesome. Kate and Millie look so happy in every picture with her.

  2. I loved being there with all of you. Thanks for all the fun we had before Henry was born and after. It was special and heavenly to see him from the beginning. Dad loved being there too. We love and miss the five of you!