Saturday, March 5, 2016

Last Weekend?

Hard to believe that we are getting so close to little Henry's arrival... Both the girls were 9 days early and not that I actually thought that Henry would follow suit and come 9 days early too... but it felt kind of crazy waking up Saturday and thinking he could be here any day!

Super last minute we decided to go to a Spring Training game! I was actually on my way to a residency wife play group at a park down in Mesa when we passed the Cubs stadium and I saw all the people out and about. I immediately called Tim and told him he should look into getting tickets to some game. We'd been looking forward to going to some Spring Training baseball ever since we found out we matched in Phoenix and with Henry still inside and Tim having the afternoon off we seized the opportunity.

Turns out our Colorado Rockies were playing the SF Padres and tickets were still available and pretty cheap so I stopped by the residency playgroup thing but then quickly had to leave to go meet Tim at the ball park. We had SUCH a great time! Tim and I went to a lot of Rockies games when we lived in Denver. There was actually only 1 player on the team remaining from our Denver days but it felt comfortable and a little bit like home. We got lawn seats out in the outfield which was perfect for running around and rolling down the hill for the girls! What a fabulous way to spend the day together as a family! Who knows this will likely be our last weekend as a family of 4?!  Henry we will see you soon, I hope!

I took these pics at my last OB appt. These two girls have been amazing going to all of my appts. Although it's not always easy having them come I really like having them be apart of it all. I love that they get excited to hear his heartbeat and I really think it helps with the whole process of preparing for a new sibling!

Friday night temple date night. A huge thank you to my friend Emily for watching the girls so we could go. It was particularly meaningful to go tonight!
Fun at the game! We were so lucky that it wasn't boiling hot. It was an overcast day and thus we had perfect weather!

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  1. Glad you squeezed in all those fun things before Henry was born. You are doing great, Hay, with your three little children. I'm so proud of you!