Saturday, March 26, 2016

Kate Update- March 2016

Let's see where to begin... Kate is such a fun, sweet, and smart girl! She is our planner as well as director. She likes things to go her way and doesn't always react the most appropriately... But we sure love her and are very pleased with the young lady she is becoming! Here are a few updates: 
  • Kate is Jr. Primarys best singer! Kate loves singing Primary songs and sings them very loudly. All the Primary teachers love how much enthusisam she has and we all can't help but smile and giggle a little when she's belting it out. Kate especially loves this new song we've been learing called "The Miracle." She's always singing it. And she learned it so quickly. 
  • She adores her friends! Her best friends are Iris and Lola from preschool. Although she is a pro at making friends with everyone and does so so quickly. She always seems to meet a new little friend that she really connects with at the park or play area. I am so thankful...I think she is going to thrive in kindergarten this upcoming Fall. 
  • She's still planning parties. She was pretty disappointed that we didn't have a St. Patrick's Day or Easter party...maybe next year sweetie, we were a little busy this year!
  • Continues to create and be our budding artist!
  • Is really into wanting to know what every sign says. She is always spelling words out to me and asking what they say. She is also starting to recognize certain words and gets excited when she can read them!
  • Loves to swing and ride bikes as well as go to the green space by our house to play soccer with Tim! She's getting really good at dribbling. 
  • When we dyed Easter Eggs she told me "this is the best day ever!" She also told me that Easter is now her favorite holiday!
  • Continues to be a terribly picky eater...she loves carbs! Favorite foods are chocolate chip pancakes, rolls, plain pasta, fruit, and broccoli. 
  • Claims to love Panda Express and requests to go there often. Although she doesn't even eat that well there. She claims she likes the noodles and does eat some but I think she just likes the fortune cookies! She also loves Chick-fil-a. Their chicken nuggets are the only meat she'll eat. 
  • Kate started having a real problem with nightmares. They started probably a month or so ago. Poor girl! We have talked a lot about what we can do to pray and ask Heavenly Father to help us not have bad dreams, sing Primary songs if she gets scared, and how she can always come get us. Cute Tim also gave Kate a pair of his socks and told her they were "Magic socks" that would help her not have bad dreams. Kate wears them every night and loves them! It's really sweet! 
  • And then, Kate is such a sweet big sister! I talked to her a lot about how she would have to help Millie learn how to be a great big sister. Kate loves talking to Henry. She was so excited to hold him that first day, and continues to want to hold him. She also likes reading stories to him! And for some crazy reason has given Henry the nickname, "Henry Cafe Rio." No idea why! She also likes to call him "Hen Hen."
Here are a few Kate pics from the past month:

Proud of herself at the library
Kate's "Mini Muffin" tea party she recently planned and threw for Iris and Lola. Menu had to include mini blueberry muffins, cake pops (I didn't have sticks, sorry), apples, and strawberry tea (we used Crystal Light). 

Tim took Kate to her first ever Home Depot kids craft Saturday thing...she totally LOVED it! 

Kate made this card the Monday before Henry was born... I love it!

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  1. Adorable Kate. I love her passion and zest for everything she does! Love this girl so much!