Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Easter 2016

We had a lovely Easter weekend! We kicked off the fun at an egg hunt at the rec center complete with meeting the Easter Bunny, face painting, snacks, crafts, and of course an egg hunt! Both girls were so excited about hunting for eggs...Kate probably more so. She's been waiting for Easter for awhile now. And was dying all week to dye eggs!

We also went to another Easter egg hunt extravaganza on Saturday at Midwestern University with Tim's cousin and her family! Once again we totally scored as far as fun and egg hunts go!

Sunday we enjoyed a fun little morning with Easter baskets, hunting for eggs inside and then again outside after church. Tim took the girls to church in their super cute Easter dresses that my mom got for them! The Primary was singing a song, Kate's favorite, "The Miracle," in sacrament meeting...I thought Kate would steal the show but turns out she was shy and wouldn't go up. So sad!

A few days before Easter I was discussing with Tim how I was sad that we were not going to be hosting a big Easter feast with several friends like we have in the past. I wondered if we should still go buy a ham and wondered if we could get a tiny one for our little family or if we should just forgo the traditional meal and make something easy. Only a few hours after this conversation some of our closest friends here texted us asking if we had plans for Easter. They told us they wanted to bring us a meal at some point and thought it would be fun to get together for Easter dinner...they'd provide the feast and bring it to us. They are amazing! It worked out so perfectly. They came to us and we enjoyed a lovely meal together! I am sure thankful for them and was so happy to celebrate together!

Happy Easter! We loved spending the day together as our new, growing family and are forever thankful because of our Savior we can be together as a family forever! The egg hunts and candy are fun but it is certainly not what Easter is all about. I am sure thankful for our Savior, His sacrifice, His life, and His resurrection!

Egg hunt at the rec center

Enjoying some snack at the egg hunt on Saturday
Easter morning

Henry's first Easter

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  1. I love these darling pictures of Henry in the arms of his sisters! They are precious children and we love all of you!