Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Amelia- March 2016

Our Millie girl is growing up and has moved into her new role as a big sister pretty smoothly! She loves Henry and loves to throw away his diapers for me and get his blankie for him! She also loves sitting in his bouncer and car seat and has informed us that we "have two Millie and baby Henry!" Here are a few highlights about Millie right now!
  • Although the transition of adding Henry to our family has gone really well Millie unfortunately has had a textbook case of potty training regression! We've had a few more accidents than we would like!!! I've been tempted to just scrape it and put her back in diapers but then she has a perfect day with no accidents and the thought of having to retrain her terrifies me. I think we just need to suffer through it but it's not always fun. 
  • She is also still struggling to stay in her bed. She often ends up back in her crib as punishment when she won't stay in her bed. Seriously the night we brought Henry home from the hospital she figured out how to crawl out of her crib. Oh dear! I'm always much happier when we can get her to sleep in her big girl bed!
  • I often find myself calling Henry "handsome." Millie doesn't like it I guess because every time she hears me say it she responds, "No call him handsome, say baby brother!"
  • Loves to say "Come out Henry!" When I was in labor on Friday waiting for Henry to make his debut we were out swinging and were talking about how Henry needed to come. Both girls started yelling, "Come out Henry!" That was the first thing Millie said when she walked into our hospital room to meet him!
  • Along with insisting that we have two babies in our house, Millie often tells me "two places Mommy!" Meaning that I have two spots/two legs... I can hold Henry in one arm and let Millie sit on my lap! It's pretty cute!
  • She's still totally obsessed with kitties big and small. Highlights of our day are when we see our neighbors cat in our backyard or going to the zoo and watching her favorite, the cougars! I'm pretty proud that she naturally loves the cougars best...she's already a great BYU fan! :)
  • On a more recent trip to the zoo one afternoon we got there kind of late...we didn't have a ton of time before they closed. The girls chose a few favorite places they wanted to go and left going to pet the goats for last... I was afraid that they might close a little early...sure enough after rushing over there we were disappointed to find out that they did indeed close at 4:45pm. Millie was very distraught... she wouldn't stop saying "Say sorry! Goats closed!" She is still talking about it a month later!
  • She a total pro on her little balance bike and just cruises!
  • When she gets excited she screams! It's kind of cute...
  • Millie is a carnivore and protein lover. She'll often tell people "I love ham!" and "I love beans!" Which is totally true. Those are probably he two favorite foods! She recently aquired a taste for corned beef on St. Patrick's Day and ate a ton. She also has eaten large amounts of tilapia and meat loaf. 
  • Adores her Grandpa. When ever we talked about Grandma coming to visit she always would ask if "papa come?" Followed by "me call him papa!" She insists on calling him papa, not grandpa like the rest of us!
  • Loves Chick-fil-a and always wants to go there to eat. She also calls it "1 eye" because of C in 
  • Has really gotten into playing princesses! I love how she calls Elsa "Let It Go" like that is her given name.
  • Along with the getting more into princesses, she's even more into dressing up. Her favorite dress up is Kate's old Halloween costume Ariel mermaid tail.
  • Oh and she is just down right naughty a lot of the time. I mean I know she's just a 2 year old but golly she can cause me some grief. She pushes the limits, doesn't listen and thinks it's funny, likes to tear up Kate's art projects, and sometimes tries to bite. Kate and her actually get along really well a lot of the time and can play so well together but boy they can fight too. Oh man! We sure love our Millie but she wears me out too!
  • And she got her first hair cut by my friend Kellie on March 2, 2016! 
Here are a few Millie pics from the past month:
Cruisin' on her bike

Fun at the Zoo
First haircut

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  1. Darling Millie. She is the best little bike rider! Millie is growing up fast and is so sweet. Love this little one and her love for kitties too!