Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Week

If you've talked to Kate in the last few months you are probably aware that Kate's favorite holiday is Valentine's Day! Kate is so funny. She loves holidays and is always talking about them and asking about favorites. Valentine's Day has been a clear favorite for quite some time. And when asked why she sweetly says "because it's all about showing love!" We really got excited the last few weeks and with deciding to give potty training Millie a go the week prior (more on that in my next post) I made sure we had lots of fun Valentine art projects to keep us busy while we were indoors. Kate was in heaven to say the least!

She also loved getting her Valentine cards ready for her preschool classmates and picked out Palace Pet ones and ring pops to pass out! She insisted on writing everyone's name on each card even though the teachers suggested just having each child write their own name to ease in passing them out. That is Kate there for you to a T. 

Aside from all the Valentine's Day fun and potty training, Tim had Saturday and Sunday off! A much needed few days off. We had an fabulous weekend full of playing at the park, making and decorating lots of sugar cookies, a date for Tim and I, dinner at Chick-fil-a, and we also got to attend a beautiful wedding of one of Tim's co-residents. Life is good!

Lots of Valentine crafts 

Writing out Valentines to her preschool buddies

So excited to take her Valentines to preschool

Checking out her Valentine bounty

My roses from Tim
At the wedding

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