Sunday, February 7, 2016


I know I've mentioned it before but I just have to keep talking about it because it's so unreal...Phoenix in January/February is AMAZING! You really need to come visit!

We've have totally embraced this warm weather and lack of least for now...perhaps we just needed to thaw out for a bit after 4 years of freezing in Iowa!

Millie and I got to go pick our first AZ oranges at a ward members house when they invited us over because they had more than they would eat from their 3 orange trees and 1 grapefruit tree. I had actually never picked an orange from a tree before and it was pretty exciting. Not to mention how amazingly sweet they taste! We've been going crazy eating them and can't seem to get enough. Poor Kate told me sometime this past week when we were out swinging in the backyard that she "wished we had a sweet orange tree in our backyard." Me too! But I am sure thankful for friends and neighbors that are willing to share their bounty.

In other news because the weather is so unbelievable I am excited to report that the girls have made amazing progress in the last week or two on their balance bikes! It's astounding how much they've improved. They are seriously awesome! I love our daily bike rides around our neighborhood!


  1. Those oranges look like heaven. I have never had a fresh orange straight off the tree buy I've always wanted to. Someday when you have a tree in your own back yard, I'll be there. 😀 and I'm so happy that the girls are getting the hang of their balance bikes! Kate will be peddling by summer. I'm feeling a little jealous of your warm weather right now.

  2. I grew up in Phoenix and even now my dad brags about their awesome winter weather EVERY single time I call him. Hear hear on the plug for balance bikes, btw. Love them.