Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Oh Boy!

Saturday my friends threw me a baby shower! It's been a long time since I've had a shower...it was so fun to just relax, chat with the ladies, and celebrate Henry's soon-to-be arrival. Not to mention one of my other friends watched the girls so I didn't have to take them...Tim was working. My friend Holly hosted and did such a darling job! We played a few simple games and I got some really darling clothes. I tell you what...I have loved shopping for my girls and girls are definitely fun to buy for but I am really excited about a lot of the really cute boy stuff out there and it will be kind of nice to not worry about having a matching headband for each outfit :)

I didn't get a shot of everyone but here's several of my closest Phx friends

Almost 37 weeks 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Potty Training Millie

Oh boy!

Ever since we transitioned Millie into her big girl bed she'd wake up in the middle of the night, get out of her bed and insist that she needed her diaper changed even though most of the time it would be barely wet. She also recently started being super interested in Kate's panties and was always putting them on over her pants. Then one Sunday a couple weeks ago as I was getting ready for church upstairs Kate ran up exclaiming that "there's been a catastrophe!" Millie had in fact taken off her diaper and gone pee all over the living room floor. Even though she's seemed so interested in potty training previously I figured since we were getting so close to Henry's arrival that I didn't want to try potty training but that Sunday morning I decided heck we may at least give it a try. What did I have to loose?! Well a lot actually...those of you that have potty trained know how painful or at least unpleasant it usually is. But I thought well let's at least give it a try and see. So we started Tuesday February 9th and although I don't want to curse anything, I am thrilled to report that Millie has done amazing! It's been so much better than potty training Kate. Millie will often get up and go potty in the middle of the night and as of today, the 18th, has had several days in a row now of going pee pee on the potty every single time. She's still figuring out number 2 but I remember that taking a bit for Kate too. I'm pretty pleased with how it's all gone down. It wasn't quite as easy and I thought it might be but it also was so much better this time around. She probably will regress some when Henry's arrives but who knows. She is pretty proud of herself and loves wearing panties so maybe not. What an exciting milestone! Way to go Millie girl! So proud of you!

So excited to see the pink potty when I pulled it out she just sat right down
Day 1 First Success/first sticker on the chart
Lots of indoor play with no pants!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Week

If you've talked to Kate in the last few months you are probably aware that Kate's favorite holiday is Valentine's Day! Kate is so funny. She loves holidays and is always talking about them and asking about favorites. Valentine's Day has been a clear favorite for quite some time. And when asked why she sweetly says "because it's all about showing love!" We really got excited the last few weeks and with deciding to give potty training Millie a go the week prior (more on that in my next post) I made sure we had lots of fun Valentine art projects to keep us busy while we were indoors. Kate was in heaven to say the least!

She also loved getting her Valentine cards ready for her preschool classmates and picked out Palace Pet ones and ring pops to pass out! She insisted on writing everyone's name on each card even though the teachers suggested just having each child write their own name to ease in passing them out. That is Kate there for you to a T. 

Aside from all the Valentine's Day fun and potty training, Tim had Saturday and Sunday off! A much needed few days off. We had an fabulous weekend full of playing at the park, making and decorating lots of sugar cookies, a date for Tim and I, dinner at Chick-fil-a, and we also got to attend a beautiful wedding of one of Tim's co-residents. Life is good!

Lots of Valentine crafts 

Writing out Valentines to her preschool buddies

So excited to take her Valentines to preschool

Checking out her Valentine bounty

My roses from Tim
At the wedding

Sunday, February 7, 2016


I know I've mentioned it before but I just have to keep talking about it because it's so unreal...Phoenix in January/February is AMAZING! You really need to come visit!

We've have totally embraced this warm weather and lack of snow...at least for now...perhaps we just needed to thaw out for a bit after 4 years of freezing in Iowa!

Millie and I got to go pick our first AZ oranges at a ward members house when they invited us over because they had more than they would eat from their 3 orange trees and 1 grapefruit tree. I had actually never picked an orange from a tree before and it was pretty exciting. Not to mention how amazingly sweet they taste! We've been going crazy eating them and can't seem to get enough. Poor Kate told me sometime this past week when we were out swinging in the backyard that she "wished we had a sweet orange tree in our backyard." Me too! But I am sure thankful for friends and neighbors that are willing to share their bounty.

In other news because the weather is so unbelievable I am excited to report that the girls have made amazing progress in the last week or two on their balance bikes! It's astounding how much they've improved. They are seriously awesome! I love our daily bike rides around our neighborhood!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Earls in Phoenix

We were so lucky this weekend to have Tim's sister Ann and her family come visit us in Phoenix! Tim had Friday night off, all day Saturday off and didn't have to go in until 6pm on Sunday so it was an ideal weekend for their visit. Kate was counting down the days for when Ellie would come and for at least 2 weeks leading up to their arrival Kate would ask me daily "if Ellie was coming today?" Ellie is only 5 months younger than Kate so they are good buddies. 

We had such a great time showing them around a few of our favorite spots and soaking up the amazing 75 degree weather and sunshine!  Friday night we headed over the Scottsdale Quarter, a fancy outdoor shopping area, where our favorite burger place, Zin Burger, is as well as the American Girl Doll Store. Kate really wanted to take Ellie there. We sat outside on the patio for dinner and enjoyed catching up. We enjoyed a Saturday visit to the zoo, Kate getting to have Ellie come to Primary with her, going to the Mesa Temple Visitor Center, having Tim's cousin Tisha (who also lives in Phoenix) and her family over for Sunday dinner and most of all just watching our girls play with their cousins. It was a quick weekend trip but we loved every minute of it. Thanks Ann and Adam for coming to visit! 

It was so nice having family come to us!!! The one-on-one time is so fun and Kate loved having her cousins come and see her world! Not even thirty minutes after the Earls left on Monday morning she was asking when Ellie was coming back. When I told her I wasn't sure she asked when her other cousins were coming?! We love visitors! We'd love to have you! And as you can see from the pictures January is a fabulous time to escape the snow and cold!

Friday night...this picture is blurry but I loved how excited the girls were to just be together. They were spinning in circles holding hands and laughing!

Visiting the zoo

Last pictures before they left...I feel like we didn't take very many pictures...I guess we were just too busy having fun!