Friday, January 15, 2016

Kate- January 2016

Kate is just so much fun! She is smart, silly, creative, stubborn, but also really sweet and is mostly a really good big sister! She loves telling jokes, laughing, and being in charge. She is SO excited about Henry's arrival and keeps asking if he'll be here soon! 

Here's a few highlights about Kate this month:
  • Still adoring preschool. She loves her preschool friends and is always talking about them, drawing them pictures, and writing their names. She loves that she can spell on her own her two best friends names, Lola and Iris!
  • Is our princess girl. She got that Glitter Glider Princess castle and another little castle from my parents and I swear aside from playing obstacle course or treat shop, she is always playing with her princesses in their castles!
  • Has been really excited and has been so patient about sharing a room with Millie and helping her learn how to sleep in a big girl bed. Like I mentioned in Millie's post, fortunately Kate sleeps well enough that she isn't woken up by Millie in the middle of the night for which I am very thankful. Kate did fall asleep during quite time on Monday and boy was that a rough night. Kate loves her new twin-sized bed! We actually bought bunk beds that can be separate twin beds. I didn't think Kate was quite ready...although she would probably do fine...I guess I was more worried about how Millie would be always trying to climb up if we bunked them. So we decided we'd just have them be separate for now but then realized that the two twin beds plus other furniture in their room plus wanting to be able to get into the closet wouldn't quite fit so Millie is in a toddler bed for now. 
  • Continues to be our party planner extraordinaire! She is planning her Strawberry Shortcake themed party now! She's also informed me that Millie will be having an Olaf party for her 3rd birthday party and just this week started asking me what kind of party we should throw for Henry's 1st birthday. I suggested we wait till he is at least born...but Kate thinks either a Dusty or car party will do. 
  • Really into American Girl dolls again! She likes to look at the website and loves having me cute and paste pictures and print them so she can make American Girl doll books for each doll. 
  • Still our budding artist. Is always painting, coloring, or wanting to do a new craft project!
  • Still prefers to sleep in nightgowns! Her two favorite are my old kitty nightgown and her new purple unicorn one she got from my parents at Christmas. 
  • Recently discovered a love for the show Dora and Friends. Dora is more older. She loves the theme song and would watch it all day probably if I let her. Best library find ever I guess!
  • Really loving the movie Aristocats these days and also Finding Nemo like Millie. Kate loves Peach, the star fish that sticks to the tank wall the best! 
  • Is really into music from Anastasia! She loves belting out each word to each song!
  • Recently decided that she loves peanut butter sandwiches! It's about time! She's never been a sandwich eater. But all of a sudden decided to try one when I brought on in our picnic to the park a few weeks back and now she requests them!
  • Loves an audience and is always talking! Sometimes I'm sure my friends get tired of having Kate want to talk to them the whole time we are at playgroup etc. 
  • We officially registered her for kindergarten this week! We are really excited about the school that she will be attending in the Fall. Our school district is really good but the school we live closest too is not so good. So we had to apply to get into a different school and fortunately we got in. I can't believe we are getting to this point. Thank goodness we have 8 months before she starts. 

With her dance teacher Ms. Suzy
At the museum with one of her favorite friends, Lola
Always such a helper...loved helping me make these cream cheese wanton ragoons for New Years Eve
She loves her new bed!!!

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  1. Kate is sure growing up! I love this adorable girl so much! Thanks for letting us know what is going on with Kate these days.