Saturday, January 23, 2016

Itty Bitty Open

I had a friend tell me about this darling activity put on by the City of Phoenix Recreation department- Kids ages 3-5 were invited to come learn how to golf! Kate was totally ecstatic about going. I guess that one time we went mini golfing in Iowa made quite the impression. 

Each kid received a plastic set of clubs and a visor and then a golf pro from the area actually came and gave them a mini lesson. They had spray painted the park's grass to make 9 holes and even had some little obstacles to make things more interesting. And the weather could not have been more delightful! Remind me how much I loved this weather come June when we are roasting!

Kate totally loved golfing and declared that "golf is her favorite sport!" Even though the dang plastic clubs were all right handed...she didn't seem to mind one bit. Although I think she could have hit a bit better :)

Millie had fun too and she even ended up getting a set of clubs too. We've been enjoying them at home and I'm hoping some of Kate's enthusiasm sticks and my ladies left handed club will get more use as Kate grows up! Looks like we will need to start planning some mini golf family outings!

Dance celebration after sinking a putt

Getting some tips from the golf pro

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