Monday, January 18, 2016

Disney Frozen On Ice

When we found out that Disney On Ice was coming to Phoenix I knew we needed to jump at this opportunity! It just so happened that Tim's parents had sent us some Christmas money and we thought using it towards tickets would be a perfect family activity. We knew Tim would be right in the middle of a very busy rotation so we made sure to get tickets on his day off and it came at such a perfect time when we needed a little extra family time! 

The girls totally loved it! We saw most of the Disney characters and princesses at the beginning and end and then the show did focus on retelling the Frozen story. Millie was especially tickled and ecstatic to see Olaf as well as Nemo which we didn't expect to see. The girls watched with wonder as the skaters spun and jumped around the ice and afterwards couldn't stop dancing and "ice skating" themselves!

So excited to see Olaf!

Ice skating/dancing after

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  1. What a fun, family event. I love the delightful smiles on all of your faces!