Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Amelia- January 2016

So awhile back I was doing awesome with monthly updates on both girls and then I suddenly it just stopped happening. With the new year I want to try and get better about doing this again!

Millie is growing up so much! She is stringing words together like crazy and is also fitting the terrible two stereotype a bit more these days. She has become quite feisty! But is still so sweet!

 A few highlights this month include:
  • Can and insists on peeling a clementine and separating each segment by herself. 
  • Moved into a toddler bed on January 6th and is now sharing a room with Kate! She started out doing pretty well but we've also had a few too many rough nights with getting up often and not wanting to go back to sleep. She's become both a night owl and early bird. Poor girl is just not getting enough sleep! I remember how hard it was transitioning Kate but man it's even trickier now with sharing a room. Fortunately Kate almost always sleep through Millie's middle of the night crying when I return her back to her bed again and again! I've been determined to make this transition happen both since Henry's arrival is coming and I don't want to have to do it with a newborn but also because she really seems ready to potty train. Although my determination is starting to wain...I guess I better give it another week before I give up :)
  • Is really starting to understand or at least talk about "baby brud-er." And points to him in my tummy. She likes to use her stethoscope to check both me and check on Henry.
  • Loves to say, well wants to say prayers. She does not like it when it is Kate's turn. 
  • Oh and COOKIE MONSTER! She insists on searching through her diaper drawer looking for the ones that have "Cookie" on them. 
  •  Tim's hospital, the children's hospital here as a cute symbol of a handprint but for the palm it's a heart. Millie says, "Daddy tobble (meaning hospital) hand" "heart hand" whenever Tim gets home, gets crazy excited when we drive by or go stop by the hospital and also has an eye for it and can spot it on posters around town. She gets so excited and is always saying "Daddy tobble hand" whenever she hears me talk about Tim.
  • Loves playing with Magic Clip princesses and Hungry Hungry Hippos. 
  • Favorite movies are Finding Nemo and Aristocats! This Finding Nemo phase started right before Christmas. She got the DVD for Christmas and has been in heaven ever since. 
  • Still totally in love with kitties! Talks about cats all the time, pretends to be a kitty all the time, and still loves wearing her kitty shirt and leggings. 
  • Loves to perform songs for us. She loves standing on top of our slide and belting out "Let It Go," "Follow the Prophet," "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes," or some made up song to the tune of "Angels We Have Heard On High." These are definitely her favorite songs.
  • Favorite foods: she loves ham, like really loves ham, it's kind of strange. Other favorites include: string cheese, yogurt with granola, pasta, beans, broccoli, applesauce, any fruit, and I'm ashamed to admit Cheetos. 

Did anyone else enjoy some play time at this castle at Costco. Wish it didn't cost over $400 dollars.

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  1. Millie is such a darling little girl! And I love her. Can't wait to see her and Kate and you in March when Henry comes!