Saturday, January 23, 2016

Itty Bitty Open

I had a friend tell me about this darling activity put on by the City of Phoenix Recreation department- Kids ages 3-5 were invited to come learn how to golf! Kate was totally ecstatic about going. I guess that one time we went mini golfing in Iowa made quite the impression. 

Each kid received a plastic set of clubs and a visor and then a golf pro from the area actually came and gave them a mini lesson. They had spray painted the park's grass to make 9 holes and even had some little obstacles to make things more interesting. And the weather could not have been more delightful! Remind me how much I loved this weather come June when we are roasting!

Kate totally loved golfing and declared that "golf is her favorite sport!" Even though the dang plastic clubs were all right handed...she didn't seem to mind one bit. Although I think she could have hit a bit better :)

Millie had fun too and she even ended up getting a set of clubs too. We've been enjoying them at home and I'm hoping some of Kate's enthusiasm sticks and my ladies left handed club will get more use as Kate grows up! Looks like we will need to start planning some mini golf family outings!

Dance celebration after sinking a putt

Getting some tips from the golf pro

Monday, January 18, 2016

Disney Frozen On Ice

When we found out that Disney On Ice was coming to Phoenix I knew we needed to jump at this opportunity! It just so happened that Tim's parents had sent us some Christmas money and we thought using it towards tickets would be a perfect family activity. We knew Tim would be right in the middle of a very busy rotation so we made sure to get tickets on his day off and it came at such a perfect time when we needed a little extra family time! 

The girls totally loved it! We saw most of the Disney characters and princesses at the beginning and end and then the show did focus on retelling the Frozen story. Millie was especially tickled and ecstatic to see Olaf as well as Nemo which we didn't expect to see. The girls watched with wonder as the skaters spun and jumped around the ice and afterwards couldn't stop dancing and "ice skating" themselves!

So excited to see Olaf!

Ice skating/dancing after

Friday, January 15, 2016

Kate- January 2016

Kate is just so much fun! She is smart, silly, creative, stubborn, but also really sweet and is mostly a really good big sister! She loves telling jokes, laughing, and being in charge. She is SO excited about Henry's arrival and keeps asking if he'll be here soon! 

Here's a few highlights about Kate this month:
  • Still adoring preschool. She loves her preschool friends and is always talking about them, drawing them pictures, and writing their names. She loves that she can spell on her own her two best friends names, Lola and Iris!
  • Is our princess girl. She got that Glitter Glider Princess castle and another little castle from my parents and I swear aside from playing obstacle course or treat shop, she is always playing with her princesses in their castles!
  • Has been really excited and has been so patient about sharing a room with Millie and helping her learn how to sleep in a big girl bed. Like I mentioned in Millie's post, fortunately Kate sleeps well enough that she isn't woken up by Millie in the middle of the night for which I am very thankful. Kate did fall asleep during quite time on Monday and boy was that a rough night. Kate loves her new twin-sized bed! We actually bought bunk beds that can be separate twin beds. I didn't think Kate was quite ready...although she would probably do fine...I guess I was more worried about how Millie would be always trying to climb up if we bunked them. So we decided we'd just have them be separate for now but then realized that the two twin beds plus other furniture in their room plus wanting to be able to get into the closet wouldn't quite fit so Millie is in a toddler bed for now. 
  • Continues to be our party planner extraordinaire! She is planning her Strawberry Shortcake themed party now! She's also informed me that Millie will be having an Olaf party for her 3rd birthday party and just this week started asking me what kind of party we should throw for Henry's 1st birthday. I suggested we wait till he is at least born...but Kate thinks either a Dusty or car party will do. 
  • Really into American Girl dolls again! She likes to look at the website and loves having me cute and paste pictures and print them so she can make American Girl doll books for each doll. 
  • Still our budding artist. Is always painting, coloring, or wanting to do a new craft project!
  • Still prefers to sleep in nightgowns! Her two favorite are my old kitty nightgown and her new purple unicorn one she got from my parents at Christmas. 
  • Recently discovered a love for the show Dora and Friends. Dora is more older. She loves the theme song and would watch it all day probably if I let her. Best library find ever I guess!
  • Really loving the movie Aristocats these days and also Finding Nemo like Millie. Kate loves Peach, the star fish that sticks to the tank wall the best! 
  • Is really into music from Anastasia! She loves belting out each word to each song!
  • Recently decided that she loves peanut butter sandwiches! It's about time! She's never been a sandwich eater. But all of a sudden decided to try one when I brought on in our picnic to the park a few weeks back and now she requests them!
  • Loves an audience and is always talking! Sometimes I'm sure my friends get tired of having Kate want to talk to them the whole time we are at playgroup etc. 
  • We officially registered her for kindergarten this week! We are really excited about the school that she will be attending in the Fall. Our school district is really good but the school we live closest too is not so good. So we had to apply to get into a different school and fortunately we got in. I can't believe we are getting to this point. Thank goodness we have 8 months before she starts. 

With her dance teacher Ms. Suzy
At the museum with one of her favorite friends, Lola
Always such a helper...loved helping me make these cream cheese wanton ragoons for New Years Eve
She loves her new bed!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Amelia- January 2016

So awhile back I was doing awesome with monthly updates on both girls and then I suddenly it just stopped happening. With the new year I want to try and get better about doing this again!

Millie is growing up so much! She is stringing words together like crazy and is also fitting the terrible two stereotype a bit more these days. She has become quite feisty! But is still so sweet!

 A few highlights this month include:
  • Can and insists on peeling a clementine and separating each segment by herself. 
  • Moved into a toddler bed on January 6th and is now sharing a room with Kate! She started out doing pretty well but we've also had a few too many rough nights with getting up often and not wanting to go back to sleep. She's become both a night owl and early bird. Poor girl is just not getting enough sleep! I remember how hard it was transitioning Kate but man it's even trickier now with sharing a room. Fortunately Kate almost always sleep through Millie's middle of the night crying when I return her back to her bed again and again! I've been determined to make this transition happen both since Henry's arrival is coming and I don't want to have to do it with a newborn but also because she really seems ready to potty train. Although my determination is starting to wain...I guess I better give it another week before I give up :)
  • Is really starting to understand or at least talk about "baby brud-er." And points to him in my tummy. She likes to use her stethoscope to check both me and check on Henry.
  • Loves to say, well wants to say prayers. She does not like it when it is Kate's turn. 
  • Oh and COOKIE MONSTER! She insists on searching through her diaper drawer looking for the ones that have "Cookie" on them. 
  •  Tim's hospital, the children's hospital here as a cute symbol of a handprint but for the palm it's a heart. Millie says, "Daddy tobble (meaning hospital) hand" "heart hand" whenever Tim gets home, gets crazy excited when we drive by or go stop by the hospital and also has an eye for it and can spot it on posters around town. She gets so excited and is always saying "Daddy tobble hand" whenever she hears me talk about Tim.
  • Loves playing with Magic Clip princesses and Hungry Hungry Hippos. 
  • Favorite movies are Finding Nemo and Aristocats! This Finding Nemo phase started right before Christmas. She got the DVD for Christmas and has been in heaven ever since. 
  • Still totally in love with kitties! Talks about cats all the time, pretends to be a kitty all the time, and still loves wearing her kitty shirt and leggings. 
  • Loves to perform songs for us. She loves standing on top of our slide and belting out "Let It Go," "Follow the Prophet," "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes," or some made up song to the tune of "Angels We Have Heard On High." These are definitely her favorite songs.
  • Favorite foods: she loves ham, like really loves ham, it's kind of strange. Other favorites include: string cheese, yogurt with granola, pasta, beans, broccoli, applesauce, any fruit, and I'm ashamed to admit Cheetos. 

Did anyone else enjoy some play time at this castle at Costco. Wish it didn't cost over $400 dollars.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Years Weekend 2016

Happy New Year! 2015 was a pretty amazing year for us...truly our most eventful year to date! With match day, med school graduation, a cross country move, starting residency, Kate starting preschool, and finding out we are expecting a baby boy, plus buying a mini van I think it is going to be pretty hard to beat. Except the fact that Henry (Yes, that's the name we have chosen for our baby boy) will be born and that will trump it all. He is really going to be here before we know it! I'm 30 weeks so we are just ~10 weeks away! Boy I better get started on a few of my projects!

We had an awesome New Years Eve with one of Kate's best friend/preschool friends Lola and her family! Tim got off in time to join us and we enjoyed eating amazing appetizers and chocolate fondu while the girls just play and entertained themselves while Tim and I got to know Lola's parents better. I haven't laughed that much in awhile. It was low key event but a perfect way to celebrate.

Then Tim was on call on New Years Day but somehow we just continued our lucky schedule streak and he never got called in. We headed to Papago Park to do some simple hiking in the distinctive red sandstone rock formations. The girls loved it and it was incredible to be out hiking in 65 degree weather in January! Arizona rocks in that department that is for sure! We also enjoyed introducing Tim to the amazing Train Park in Scottsdale and bought the girls new twin-sized beds. More on that to come. It was an amazing family weekend that was such a blessing as we prepare for Tim's next intense inpatient wards rotation!

Riding the train
Playground fun

Kate even got to control one of the trains in the model train area