Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mesa Temple Lights

As part of our Christmas checklist we made it over to the Mesa Temple this week to see the lights! We had a great time and they do a fantastic job decorating! It's no Salt Lake Temple Square but it's pretty impressive. It was actually pretty fun to see when I typed in wear to see lights in Phoenix...the Mesa Temple always makes the top 10 places to visit on the lists/websites. It was certainly a little different without the snow and freezing cold temperatures but I'll take it. I'm a little ashamed to admit that we are already becoming Arizona wimps...the 50 degree temperatures felt pretty chilly. I mean heck look my girls are wearing beanies. But all we needed was a sweatshirt. It has been so funny to hear people talk about how cold it is here. Although last night it did get down to 34 degrees. The Mesa Temple is so unique. I had a wonderful evening with my little family!

Love the palm fawns with lights

And here's a few other Christmas pictures that I just thought I'd share:

I love love love Christmas cards! Our door is coming along nicely! A big thank you for sending us yours! It has been so fun to see Kate get so excited about walking to the mailbox to check for new cards.
The girls letters to Santa
A Kate original...Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus in the stable

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