Sunday, December 13, 2015

Meeting Mr. Claus

Last Saturday was our ward Christmas party! And we got to meet Santa Claus again! Our first encounter this year at City Creek in SLC was totally enchanting. I think that first meeting is always the most magical. Kate's eyes lit up when she heard she could go meet Santa. She ran right up to Santa and gave him the biggest hug ever. Both girls wereso excited to see him and talk to him. Unfortunately though they wouldn't allow us to take any pictures! I was so bummed.

This time around Kate told me she had already told Santa what she wanted...fortunately for me I told her I needed to get a picture of her on his lap so she obliged. Kate is all about talking to Santa this year and happy to let him know what she wants. She very clearly let him know that she wants an "Ariel mermaid stuffed animal doll and a Glitter Glider Castle...oh and a princess art kit." Millie on the other hand is happy to talk to Santa and let him know she wants which is "Nemo" but was totally terrified when I insisted she sit on his lap. Better luck next year I guess!

Here's a few other pictures from our ward party. Kate was disappointed to not get to be the angel in the nativity (our ward had adults do it...weird) but the Primary did sing "Away in the Manger" and encouraged the kids to dress up. Millie loved playing with her best buddy Talmage and wearing an angel halo.

Kate is the only one that dressed up (see the gold angel costume)! We did however pass out halos to many of the kids 

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