Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving here in Phoenix! Thanksgiving really is my favorite holiday for so many reasons. I love the gathering of friends and family, the delicious food, the pie, the time of year, and the reminder to be thankful for all our many blessings! I remember really dreading that first Thanksgiving that we wouldn't be going home, where I wouldn't be helping my mom bake 8 pies, where we wouldn't be in Utah...but as it turned out we really loved having Thanksgiving in our own home and will forever treasure those Thanksgivings on 3rd Ave in Iowa City! 

Tim had to work this Thanksgiving. I thought about packing up and heading to Utah since he would be pretty busy but Tim randomly got vacation assigned the first week in December and we decided we'd go up then. And as luck would have it Tim was working nights in the emergency room so he didn't have to be in until 6pm which worked out perfect so he was able to join us for our dinner feast before heading off to save people and all that. 

We met together with some of Tim's co-residents and had a really nice dinner! The wife of one of Tim's classmates offered to host. I was hesitant about not having it in my own home but decided with leaving for Utah 2 days later it would be nice to let someone else host and not have to worry about cooking the turkey. We had a great dinner full of friends, laughter, and good conversation. 

Having Tim around for dinner was a highlight that I didn't necessarily expect when we started residency. I'm so glad he could be with us. My other two highlights were filling out our thankful tree throughout the whole month. It was very sweet to take a few minutes each day and count our many, many blessings. Kate really grasped the whole idea...Millie on the other hand would always say the same four things (Minnie, Kate, mommy, daddy) when we asked her what she was thankful for. But would then also agree when I provided other suggestions :)

The other highlight was baking pies with my girls! If you know the Sokol family you know we are very serious about our pie making! Some of my fondest memories growing up were spent in the kitchen with my mom and grandma learning the art of baking pies! Although it is always a little sad to not be in the kitchen with my mom I especially enjoyed baking with my girls this year. Kate came into my room Wednesday morning whispering, "Happy Pie Making Day Mom!"

I love baking with my girls. It always takes longer of course but it is so fun to watch their enthusiasm and teach them. Both girls were awesome helpers. I had them really help with mixing etc. but they also loved just playing with some pie dough and making "chocolate chip" pies. 

Our thankful tree
I'm all for focusing on Thanksgiving...but with our holiday travel plans decided we had to put up our tree as soon as possible. The Monday before Thanksgiving we pulled out the Christmas decorations and put up the tree!

Pecan cheesecake, apple, peach, and derby
Some of our after dinner crafts on Thanksgiving

I failed to mention...not only does Kate adore making pie...this year she realized how delicious pie is! She may not have eaten much for dinner but she ate plenty of pie!

I also had to pull out warmer clothes for Millie with the change in temperature here in Phx. I decided to go through all my baby clothes totes and found these clothes for our baby boy!

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