Saturday, November 14, 2015

SD Trip- Safari Park

We had an excellent day at the San Diego Safari Park (used to be called the Wild Animal Park)! Millie absolutely went crazy over the tigers and bobcats...but especially the tigers aka "big meows" and Kate loved the flamingos and baby animals most! 

This place is huge! We walked SO much! It really is a neat place and its nice to see the animals in a more natural setting with lots of space to run and be free! 

Millie checking out the tigers...we stayed there for 30 minutes!

Riding on the tram

They had so many elephants


  1. I LOVE San Diego. So awesome, and I love their zoos. They are amazing!

  2. It was so fun being there together! We love you!

  3. It looks so wonderful to be at a zoo and not sweating to death! We love the zoo here but it is :)