Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween 2015

Happy Halloween from our Neverland Crew! 

If you would have told me 4 months ago that your daughter was going to be Fawn for Halloween I wouldn't have had a clue who you were talking about...

Did you know that Tinkerbell has her own movie...and not just one like 4 or 5 of them. And Tinkerbell has a whole slue of fairy friends?! Well we didn't either...well not until this summer. While we waited to meet Tinkerbell at Disneyland we had the pleasure of meeting Tink's fairy friend, Fawn, the animal fairy! We didn't have a clue who she was but let me tell you that meeting made quite the impact. After returning home Kate fell in love with the Tinkerbell movies and beginning in July she decided that she wanted to be Fawn for Halloween!

While we were up in Utah visiting our families over the 4th of July I was talking to my sister-in-law Jacquelynn and remembered that her family had been Peter Pan a few years back. She was kind enough to let us borrow their Tinkerbell, Wendy, and Peter Pan costumes... I decided to take them back to Phoenix with me just in case Kate's early costume choice stuck. And sure enough it totally did!

So at the end of September we went to JoAnn's and bought Kate's fabric for Fawn!  I cut it out like the last day in September but with Millie's birthday party etc I didn't touch it again until mid-October. Poor Kate was so anxious and would ask me everyday if I had had a chance to work on her costume. I finally did get it done with almost a week to spare and and it turned out gorgeous and most importantly Kate absolutely loves it!

We'd had a few other opportunities to dress up in costumes and Millie was determined to be Minnie Mouse. I wasn't so sure come actual Halloween that I would get her in her Tinkerbell costume. Friday Tim's program had their annual family Halloween party and I somehow convinced Millie to wear her wings and be Kate's fairy friend! Tim unfortunately had to work and work late so he pretty much missed the party but was able to run down for a few minutes to see us and snap a family pic. It was quite convenient that he was wearing green scrubs and just had to slip his on his shirt and dawn his cap!

We had a great time at the PCH (Phoenix Children's Hospital) party and then hurried up to our ward's Trunk or Treat where the girls took in quite the haul!

Then Saturday after an eventful day, we went real trick or treating! Both Kate and Millie loved going from door to door! Although Millie pretty much insisted on opening several of her pieces along the day and by the end of the night Kate was exhausted. It was pretty strange to go trick or treating in shorts and flip flops... but it was sure nice to not have to cover up our costumes with a bulky coat. Tim had the day off which was so much fun! It was a great weekend! Happy Halloween!

Millie and her best buddy Talmage...she wanted to hold his hand all night!
This was Kate's favorite Halloween decoration...she really wanted a picture by it! 
Someone was passing out Cheetos...hence Millie's face

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