Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Meow Party for Millie

You may recall that Kate is our party planner...and she plans way in advance! Back in July Kate came up with the awesome idea that we should have a kitty birthday party for Millie (Kate has also decided she is going to have a Frozen party for her 5th birthday...ha)! Anyway, I was so impressed with the idea and will admit I don't think I would have come up with this idea on my own. It was totally perfect seeing that Millie is our CAT-LOVER! One of our back neighbors has a cat that sometimes jumps up on our wall and it seriously makes Millie's day when we get to see him!

As Millie says her "meow par-tee" was a huge success! It was so much fun to plan and decorate for! I was especially excited about her cake. I made fondant for the first time to make face parts and it turned out great. I spent a good hour piping on all the fur but it was totally worth it. Millie adored it! Although poor girl was quite concerned when we cut it. 

I made kitty ears for all of Millie's friends...although only one kid was interested in wearing them...oh well. We had some fun activities including: Color a Kitty coloring pages, Kitty Storytime where we read cat themed books, Pin the Bow on the Cat, Mouse Hunt where we searched for these cute little mouse cat toys, and a Famous Cat Names Trivia for the adults! I tried to have a cat/mouse themed lunch that included: chicken salad croissants (I originally wanted to do tuna but figured no one loves tuna that much to serve it at a party), fruit and veggies platters, cheese and crackers, pretzel gold fish, Trader Joe kitty cat crackers, Swedish fish, and individual milks. It turned out really fun and I think everyone had a great time! I know Millie did!
Millie checking out some of the books
Kate coloring a kitty

The favors, kitty buckets full of goldfish. "Thanks for making my party purr-fect! Love, Millie"

Millie found a mouse

Whenever Millie would walk past her cake she'd say "Hi Meow." She's waving at him here!


  1. That party looks so darn cute and fun! You need to come plan my kids' birthdays. The poor kids are always going to deprived of these awesome creative parties. Happy birthday Millie!

  2. What a fun meow birthday party for Millie! I love that she loves kitties! So glad you all had so much fun. Wish we could have been there with you too. Looks like Millie had a grand celebration, so happy she is two.

  3. Holy moly Hayley! NO ONE is as good at throwing parties as you are, especially with Kate as your assistant. That cake looks amazing and I love the cat ears, even if none of the kids wanted to wear them. I know a little girl in my house that would LOVE to have a pair of car ears.