Monday, October 19, 2015

It's A Boy!!!

Last Thursday on Tim's first day off in 10 days we had our ultrasound for Baby Bahr #3! And it's a....BOY! We are super excited...a little nervous...but so excited to welcome a little boy into our family! We are happy to report that he is growing well and his development seems right on track. We are very thankful.

The girls are super excited! Kate has gone back and forth talking about wanting a brother or sister throughout my pregnancy. But for at least the last week or two she has said how she really wanted the baby to be a boy! And that she wanted a brother. So when we found out it was in fact a boy Kate exclaimed, "I told you it was a boy! I knew it would be a boy!" 

I had bought 2 blue balloons and 2 pink balloons so we would be prepared... while we were in getting the ultrasound one of the pink balloon popped... good thing he ended up being a boy.... 1 pink balloon for 2 big sisters just wouldn't have cut it. Kate claims "the car knew it was a boy too!" Cute girl! know the planning and preparing can begin! We have his name narrowed down to 2 first will we ever decide though! And it's exciting that we have to think about a middle name too (our girls do not have middle names so we've never had to think about this). 

Let the fun begin!


  1. oh man this little boy is going to have three little moms. :) He will be well taken care of. Kate knew it all along! She must have a sixth sense. I hope Tim's rotation from you-know-where is almost over!

  2. Congratulations! So exciting. Kate and Amelia are going to be the best big sisters to that lucky little guy.

  3. How fun! You'll love it, you're such a great mom, it wouldn't matter anyway!