Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Activities

Halloween is so much fun! There are always so many fun activities! We started our activities early and had fun playing for weeks! Here are some pictures for all of our events!

*We started celebrating a few weeks ago by going to the children's museum member night dressed up (although our costumes were finished...but the girls didn't seem to mind and heck Millie preferred going as Minnie Mouse). We got to make Halloween art projects, play, and make carmel apples. Kate loved decorating it, Millie loved eating the candy!!!

We made pirate hats...this was what I got when I told Kate I wanted to take  a pic of the hat she had made!

* We did some fun crafts at home and Kate enjoyed lots of fun Halloween activities at school!

* Lots of sugar cookie making and decorating! We made a batch for FHE and then a few days later made a whole bunch for the the cookie decorating playgroup we hosted!

The girls love helping me bake! And they love making sugar cookies (all steps..from making the dough, to cutting them out, and then deocrating them). Sure it takes a lot longer but it sure is fun! Kate insisted on using some of our other cookie cutters...heck...nothing says Happy Halloween like Christmas trees, Gingerbread Men and an Easter chick, right?!

* Some of our closest friends invited use to the husband's med school to Trick or Treat on campus. This was an awesome practice for the girls and man Midwestern sure hosted an awesome event! The girls got a ton of candy and then they had  like a mini carnival in the quad complete with cookie decorating, popcorn, snow cones, face painting, etc. etc. Thanks Rosenberg's for inviting us! And bonus because it happened to fall on Tim's day off that week! I captured the above picture of Kate and thought it was just too perfect! I had put the zipper in Kate's costume the night before so it was finished just in time for this!

* I got asked to make snacks for Kate's preschool class. It was so fun! I made mummy hot dogs, these banana ghosts and pumpkin clementines, and a jack-o-lantern veggie tray with carrots, cucumber, and dip!

* Ward Cookie Decorating Playgroup!

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