Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall in Phoenix?!

So apparently it is Fall... there are no colored leaves, crisp cool air, or even a glimmer of hope that cardigan-wearing season is anywhere on the horizon. We actually had a few days of cooler weather (like 80 degrees) that got me all giddy but it only lasted a few days and now we are back at 100 degrees. Man I don't mean to complain...well I guess I do...but this warm weather in October is almost worse than the 115 degree days of summer. It is just hard seeing pictures on Instagram of the leaves changing up in the canyons in Utah and seeing people wearing long sleeves and getting to enjoy the gorgeous joys of Fall. I just don't think I'll ever adjust but I just keep hanging onto the hope that cooler weather is eventually coming and come January we will be playing at the park everyday and won't be dealing with crazy Iowa ice storms and negative 20 temps. 

Despite it not feeling like Fall we are trying our best to get into the spirit! We've been painting pumpkins and doing Fall crafts, making Fall favorite eats and treats and we went to Vertuccio Farm's Pumpkin Patch this week!!! We are trying our best that is for sure!

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