Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Conference Weekend

We had the best weekend watching General Conference and celebrating Millie's birthday!!! Tim miraculously had Saturday and Sunday off during his most intense rotation of the year. It worked out just perfect and we soaked up every minute. 

Conference weekend is seriously the best. We were spiritually strengthened, we enjoyed our Conference traditions, and we just enjoyed being together! And we had Millie's birthday party in between Saturday sessions and opened presents on Sunday since on her actual birthday, Monday the 5th, Millie wouldn't get to see Tim.

I was especially pleased to see how much Kate understood the importance of hearing from our Prophet and how excited she was about Conference! Tim's tradition of making a Conference Concession Stand where the girls color tickets to turn in for treats definitely helps...but I was very impressed at how at times (especially during Sunday afternoon) Kate seriously sat down next to me and was happy to listen. She loved the Primary choir on Saturday afternoon and on Saturday morning when the MoTab sang "I Know that My Savior Loves Me" she belted out every word. She also anxiously awaited and kept asking when President Monson was going to speak. There were some definite proud parent moments when you realize you must be doing something right and I am happy to see that she loves the Gospel and the Prophet. Happy Conference!
Getting the concession stand ready for business

Playdough fun

Semi-Annual Conference Run
Kate won the race


  1. I love your tv stand! And where did you get your little table and chairs?

  2. Great job making Conference and Millie's Birthday so fun, Hay and Tim!