Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Activities

Halloween is so much fun! There are always so many fun activities! We started our activities early and had fun playing for weeks! Here are some pictures for all of our events!

*We started celebrating a few weeks ago by going to the children's museum member night dressed up (although our costumes were finished...but the girls didn't seem to mind and heck Millie preferred going as Minnie Mouse). We got to make Halloween art projects, play, and make carmel apples. Kate loved decorating it, Millie loved eating the candy!!!

We made pirate hats...this was what I got when I told Kate I wanted to take  a pic of the hat she had made!

* We did some fun crafts at home and Kate enjoyed lots of fun Halloween activities at school!

* Lots of sugar cookie making and decorating! We made a batch for FHE and then a few days later made a whole bunch for the the cookie decorating playgroup we hosted!

The girls love helping me bake! And they love making sugar cookies (all steps..from making the dough, to cutting them out, and then deocrating them). Sure it takes a lot longer but it sure is fun! Kate insisted on using some of our other cookie cutters...heck...nothing says Happy Halloween like Christmas trees, Gingerbread Men and an Easter chick, right?!

* Some of our closest friends invited use to the husband's med school to Trick or Treat on campus. This was an awesome practice for the girls and man Midwestern sure hosted an awesome event! The girls got a ton of candy and then they had  like a mini carnival in the quad complete with cookie decorating, popcorn, snow cones, face painting, etc. etc. Thanks Rosenberg's for inviting us! And bonus because it happened to fall on Tim's day off that week! I captured the above picture of Kate and thought it was just too perfect! I had put the zipper in Kate's costume the night before so it was finished just in time for this!

* I got asked to make snacks for Kate's preschool class. It was so fun! I made mummy hot dogs, these banana ghosts and pumpkin clementines, and a jack-o-lantern veggie tray with carrots, cucumber, and dip!

* Ward Cookie Decorating Playgroup!

Monday, October 19, 2015

It's A Boy!!!

Last Thursday on Tim's first day off in 10 days we had our ultrasound for Baby Bahr #3! And it's a....BOY! We are super excited...a little nervous...but so excited to welcome a little boy into our family! We are happy to report that he is growing well and his development seems right on track. We are very thankful.

The girls are super excited! Kate has gone back and forth talking about wanting a brother or sister throughout my pregnancy. But for at least the last week or two she has said how she really wanted the baby to be a boy! And that she wanted a brother. So when we found out it was in fact a boy Kate exclaimed, "I told you it was a boy! I knew it would be a boy!" 

I had bought 2 blue balloons and 2 pink balloons so we would be prepared... while we were in getting the ultrasound one of the pink balloon popped... good thing he ended up being a boy.... 1 pink balloon for 2 big sisters just wouldn't have cut it. Kate claims "the car knew it was a boy too!" Cute girl! know the planning and preparing can begin! We have his name narrowed down to 2 first will we ever decide though! And it's exciting that we have to think about a middle name too (our girls do not have middle names so we've never had to think about this). 

Let the fun begin!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall in Phoenix?!

So apparently it is Fall... there are no colored leaves, crisp cool air, or even a glimmer of hope that cardigan-wearing season is anywhere on the horizon. We actually had a few days of cooler weather (like 80 degrees) that got me all giddy but it only lasted a few days and now we are back at 100 degrees. Man I don't mean to complain...well I guess I do...but this warm weather in October is almost worse than the 115 degree days of summer. It is just hard seeing pictures on Instagram of the leaves changing up in the canyons in Utah and seeing people wearing long sleeves and getting to enjoy the gorgeous joys of Fall. I just don't think I'll ever adjust but I just keep hanging onto the hope that cooler weather is eventually coming and come January we will be playing at the park everyday and won't be dealing with crazy Iowa ice storms and negative 20 temps. 

Despite it not feeling like Fall we are trying our best to get into the spirit! We've been painting pumpkins and doing Fall crafts, making Fall favorite eats and treats and we went to Vertuccio Farm's Pumpkin Patch this week!!! We are trying our best that is for sure!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Amelia- 2 years

Our Amelia is 2 years old! And is so much fun! She is really growing up and thinks she is bigger than she really is! She always wants to be involved in what Kate is doing and is coming such a beautiful little girl!

Here are a few updates:

  • Loves rocks. You know the little islands in parking lots...with the curb, sometimes plants, and here in Phoenix they are always filled with rocks. Millie insists on picking up at least one rock every time we pass one. She clutches them in her hands and we've acquired quite the little collection that I let her keep in her cup holder or the little thing in the side of the door. Silly girl.
  • Her night routine has changed a little bit in the last week. Now when I set in her crib she insists on multiple hugs and kisses and also has to point at all of my face parts before she'll lay down. It's pretty cute. "Hug, kiss, more hug, kiss, mommy's eyes, mommy's nose, mommy's mouth, mommy's ears." She'll then lay down and I'll turn to walk away and she'll say "more hug, more kiss." And will need one more. I totally love it! I also love then I go get her each morning or after a nap and the second I open her door she says "Hi Mom!"
  • She also wakes up so cheerful and started insisted on bringing a book or little toy (usually her new Mickey Mouse duplo that she just got) to bed with her. When I go get her in the morning she is flipping through her book, playing with her toy and her stuffed animals. 
  • Millie is really hot or cold. She is either the most happy girl ever or she's really sad. I feel like there is no in between for this girl. She has a smile and laugh that melts my heart but also the saddest cry when things don't go her way. 
  • Yells "share" at Kate all of the time when she wants something that Kate has. 
  • Loves telling everyone while we are out running errands while Kate is at preschool, "Kate preschool."
  • She loves play dough or "dee-dough" as she calls it. She'll just run to the desk drawer where I keep it and grab a jar or two and take them to the table and yell "cut, cut, cut" because she wants a knife. 
  • When I get her out of her car seat to go into a store or the gym, I don't let her bring in her blanket or any toys that she wanted to bring in the car. So when I get her out she always says, "Blankie stay! Meow stay!" 
  • Refers to herself as "me." I can't get her to say her name yet but loves pointed a pictures of our family and going through who everyone is and when we get to her she yells, "me." She's so proud. She loves referring to her own stuff as "my...fill in the blank." 
  • Still adores animals! Especially cats. Favorite books are any Biscuit Books, Demolition, and Scat, Cat!
  • Adores swinging just as much as Kate. Although she's now starting to want to sit on Kate's big girl swing instead of her bucket swing. She also loves our tire swing. 
  • Still adores Mickey and Minnie Mouse!
  • Favorite songs, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," the "Hot-Dog" song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, "You Are My Sunshine," and recently added "Follow the Prophet." On FHE this week we were asking Kate what she wanted to sing so we sang a few and then Millie kept yelling something...we couldn't figure out what it was and started to move onto the lesson...she tried one more time and it clicked, she wanted to sing "Follow the Prophet." We started singing and she got so excited, shook her head yes and sang right along!
  • Is so good at folding her arms for prayers. It's darling!
  • Loves her "meow cup." It's a cat cup with a straw. She'll drink out of other cups but definitely prefers to drink everything out of it.
  • Still out eating Kate. Although she isn't quite as good of an eater as she used to be. Loves Cherrios, string cheese, any fruit or vegetable, black beans, shredded taco chicken, yogurt, smoothies, tortillas, and always wants an Olaf fruit snack (have you noticed that they are now selling huge boxes of Frozen fruit snacks at Costco?!). 
  • Loves to play the game "Pull" in which Millie throws you a corner of her blanket and yells "pull Mama!" We then take turns saying "pull, pull, pull" until one of us gets it.
  • Loves to play Kate's Madeline Game and collect the puppies!
  • Goes to bed at 7:30pm and wakes up at 7am. Takes 1nap from 1-1:30 till about 3-3:30pm. 
Okay I better stop there...we sure adore you Millie! We had so much celebrating her big day this weekend! And then on her actual day on Monday Millie and I went to storytime, we went to lunch with Kate, picked up and ate some fancy cupcakes from a new cupcake shop, swung for at least an hour, and played with some friends that early evening! And Tim ended up getting off at a decent time and I kept Millie up just a little bit so she could see Tim!!! With Tim getting home around anywhere between 8 and 10pm most nights we figured Millie wouldn't be able to see him...but things turned out perfectly and Tim was able to get home and give her a kiss and say good night just in time!

My parents gave her the awesome pink slide! The girls love it! We gave her the bike...she's not so sure about it yet!

Millie adores Olaf!